I just don't get it. How can he expect me to trust him after he damn near beat me to death in his own house? With Jason in there at that. It hurt me so bad that; that actually happened. It hurt me to the core. I shook my head, and walked out the door where Jason was in the car waiting. I smiled and entered the car.
" Ready J Bug?" I asked starting the car.
" Yeah. Were you crying?" He asked looking at my face.
" Yes, but it's nothing now. I'm fine." He smiled and placed his hand on my shoulder.
I smiled and rubbed it, and kissed it as I pulled out the gate. I headed down the road playing songs Jason knows that we can sing to destract him.
I showed them the ticket I ordered on line. They stamped it, and placed bands around Jason and my hand. I grabbed his, and we went to the map to find out where we were going to go first.
" What do you want to see first?" I asked.
" The lions." He said enthusiastically.
" Sorry J Bug. They don't have lions here. This is a Zoo for animals that live in water." I said and he gave me the puppy dog look. I laughed causing him to laugh.
" Look. How about we just wall around and explore."
" Sounds good to me." I grabbed his hand, and we walked around exploring creatures I never knew about. I read the information on them to him, and he read some to me.
We walked to the dolphin park center, where the show began. We grabbed seats in the front row. The lady introduced herself, and talked about her job.
Her and the dolphins started to swim and do tricks. They splashed water making everyone cheer with excitment. I smiled at Jason who was going wild. Thats good for his first time at the aquarium.
" Now a random letter and number will appear on the screen, and you will look on the back of your chair. If Thats your number, please walk down here okay? Okay." She pressed a bottom, and A20 appeared on the screen. Everyone turned to look behind their chairs. Jason had a sad face, while mine lit up. I was A20.
" J Bug. Thats my chair." I whispered.
" Dang it. I was so close." He laughed but sighed at the same time.
" Put the light on the chairs please!" The lady yelled.
The light soon was on me, and everyone cheered. I smiled and nervously stood up. I looked at Jason.
" Don't go anywhere you here me? Stay here." He nodded and sat still.
" Now ma'am what your name?" She asked holding the mic infront of me.
" Jainyah." I said softly.
" Okay Jainyah. Did you bring anyone with you?" I nodded.
" My brother. He's was sitting beside me." They put the light on his, and he smiled. I waved to him, and he waved back.
" Well today is a good day to see your sister swim with the dolphins." She cheered. My mouth dropped, and Jason laughed clapping his hands.
" Are you ready?" The lady asked.
I looked around nervously smiling at the audience.
" I'm not really, but I'll give it a try." She laughed.
" Here. Go to the back, and get dressed. There's a lady that will help you and explain everything I missed." I nodded, and went to the back as she stated.
I came out, a d everyone hooted my name cheering. I smoker and waved, mainly at Jason.
" Follow me." I grabbed her hand as she helped me into the deep waters. I shivered at the coldness, and moved my feet keeping me above the still waters.
" This will be your dolphin. Her name is Layla. She's been with us for a while. She's a good girl. To get off on a good start with her. Make eyes contact, and have a conversation." I nodded, and swam in fro t of the dolphin. I slowly placed my hand on her smiling. I rubbed her face.
" Hi Layla. I'm Jainyah, but you can call me Jai. This is my first time doing this, so I'm pretty darn scared." I laughed. Kinda at the fact that I'm talking to a dolphin, but also because I was really doing this.
" Good. Now climbed on her back slowly." I slowly kicked on leg over, and pushed my body over. I rubbed her back, and smiled. The lady got on her dolphin.
" Slowly rock her on the count of 3." I breathed slowly knowing that things are about to get crazy.
" 1.2......3" I rocked the dolphin, and she swan away. I smiled at how wild and crazy this was. I held onto the dolphin tightly. She went under water, and shot back up, and everyone cheered. I laughed, and took a quick glance at Jason holding his phone. Probably taking pictures. ( Photo of Jai and dolphin in Media )
We walked in the house from painting class and the aquarium.
" Take a shower and get ready for bed. You shouldn't be hungry." I said. We just left KFC before getting home. I walked up the stairs slowly. I mean today was amazing, but I'm all tired. I opened Drew's door to let him know I'm was home with Jason.
" Drew I'm...." I covered my mouth, and tears ran down my face. I looked at him, then at the woman laying beside him naked. They both looked shocked. I shook my head.
" You..Your s..such a dirty low life..cheating bastard." I said sadly but calmly. Trembling inside. I turned out the door, and slammed it. I heard rumbling.
" Jason. Pack your clothes for a while. Like a long time. We are going on a vacation." I said.
" Where? Is Drew coming with us?" He questioned.
" It's a surprise, and no he isn't. Just pack fastly. We are leaving tonight." I walked out his room into mine. I stuffer and threw clothes in my duffle bag crying my eyes out. I never thought this would happen. Not to me. Not ever. I stood up with my bag, and walked out the door. I looked back at his door, and shook my head as more tears fell. I turned around and bumped into him. The cheater. Liar. Selfish. Bitch Made As Fool. I rolled my eyes, and pushed his out my way, but he wouldn't budge.
" Please move." I whispered
" Look what I did wasn't ri-" I cut him off. I didn't want hear his lame ass excuse and don't want his sorry ass apology either.
" I really don't care about you or your sorry ass excuses. Now get the fuck outta my way Drew!" I yelled. He just stood there lookin down at me.
" Where you goin?" He asked. I let out a heavy breath of impatience, and rolled my eyes.
" Out of your house and out of your way. You can be with that bird, since I'm not good enough." I said pushing past him, but he grabbed my arm, and swung me to the wall. Banging my back against it. I winced in pain, and a tear slipped out.
" She just a girl I met yesterday. She means nothing. I was just using her for my needs. You weren't ready, so I went out to just fine someone real quick. I didn't mean to.."
" Well you did. You hurt me. And so what if I wasn't ready. Its my damn virginity not yours. Just because I'm not like every other girl doesn't mean you get to go around and fuck on the ones that are like that. And what if I'm not ready til the next 4 months. Will you continue to go behind my back and get your issue off. Of course you would, because your a selfish, bitch made ass, disgusting, sorry excuse of a man. Get the fuck off me now!" I yelled crying more than I was.
" No. Your not leaving. You don't have to talk to me again in your life, but your not leaving this house?" He yelled back.
" Oh really? What me." I shoved his hard enough, and walked down the hall to Jason's door. I touched the knob, and was pulled away by my hair. I cried and winced in pain. He dragged me down the hall, and Jason's door opened slowly, until it revealed him standing in the doorway crying. I cried more and he drug me into his room, and shut the door. I laid in the floor crying.

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