Chapter 30 - Best and Worst of Times

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The weeks that went by after my first kiss has been the best I had. Every time I came into the forest, Ethan would be there-- early, with a smile on his face. I cannot hide my own when I see him. His gentle and soft kisses would always be there when I wanted it to, which is almost always.

Now, Ethan and I are lying on a bed of grass under a tree which branches are full of leaves, giving us much-needed shade from the summer sun. But summer cannot last forever, autumn is already coming by the way that the leaves are falling to the ground.

It reminds me that it has been almost a year since I first met him when I put my spear on his neck. And only now that I realize that he loves me.

Ethan is next to me, looking into my eyes with his head to the side, the tips if our noses just touching. The soft blades of grass under us tickles on my neck. It feels so strange yet amazing that I can feel his breath against my lips and in any moment he or I can capture each other into a kiss. He was a friend, now he is a lover. My lover.

His raven hair, bright green eyes, high cheekbones are the things that I see before I close my eyes to sleep and the first thing I think of when I wake up. So this is what it feels like to be in love.

Ethan smiles while pushing back a stray lock of silver hair from my forehead. "What are you smiling about?"

"Was I smiling? I didn't realize." I catch the hand that is playing with my hair and thread my fingers with his.

"You were. You looked like a madwoman," he chuckles when I give him a scowl.

I jerk back, putting some distance in between us too and I can no longer feel his warm breath. "Oh, I'm the madwoman?"

"More of a lovesick pup, really," he shrugs, stroking my fingers slowly. It's almost always like this in the weeks that I confessed, mindless argues and sweet kisses that never fail to bring joy into me.

I scoff at him, but I let him hold my hand. "Aye, but what about you then, Lord Lovey Ethan? Already tired of all the kisses and hugs? Too maiden-like for you? Can't handle an--" I press my lips together. Outlander. I mean to say Outlander, but I do not want to remind myself or him of our statuses in the world outside of the forest.

Ethan doesn't seem to mind, thankfully as he smiles wider. "I'll never get tired of this." He kisses my fingers, sending tingles throughout my arm.

I scoff, my face blushing. "Aye, of course."

"You don't believe me?"

I look to him and give him a sly smile. "No, I don't."

The hand on my fingers tightens and Ethan pulls me towards him with ferocity. I squeal a little at his sudden movement, but he is smiling. He sits up quickly with me underneath him and puts both of his legs on either side of my torso, but not putting any weight on my body. Ethan's face is alarmingly close to mine and I cannot help to blush at the position we are in.

Ethan smirks. "Do you believe me now?" He takes in my startled face before chuckling softly and stealing a brush of our lips.

"Ethan!" I exclaim, red-faced with a rapidly beating heart. I try to push him away but he catches my wrist easily and pins them down to either side of my head.

He bends down and kisses me again, despite my protest before making a hushing sound. "No one will hear you, my lady."

My heart beats increase. It's true though, no one will know. He is mine in the forest. Ethan plants another kiss, his lips tasting much like peppermint. And I am his. I kiss him back, making him smile against me.

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