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Thank you guys for over 500 views! That's awesome!! Please read my other books and let me know what you think and if you like them or not! I really support the reviews :) let me know what u want to see in my stories and also follow my PLL Instagram which is called P.L.L.updates I follow all back and I post daily PLL stuff like edits, spoilers, scenes, ezria, spoby, basically anything PLL related sometimes I will post a few cute other images but mainly PLL ♥️thank you guys for all the support :) I want to give a shoutout to ezriapeeta1321 go follow her btw because she is really awesome and really nice! but I want to say a big thank you to her :) she told me I was a good writer which encouraged me even more to write more stories like my Lucian book, her and I are actually writing a book together called barely making it through, it's about a teenage girl named Valerie and her boyfriend Clayton, it shows a lot of their life struggles with a lot of drama and it shows how they well make it through you could say :) so please check it out when it is out :)

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