Chapter 26: Chaos

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It was already Friday and I had to tell Yongguk that I couldn't go with him on Saturday TnT

I planned to tell him the minute I saw him at school, but every chance I got, I just chickened out.

Ok, I'll tell him once school is over. I have to. I can't just not tell him.

I was waiting for him at his locker so I could tell him what was going on. I ran a script in my head a few times so whatever I was trying to say wouldn't come out so harshly. I saw him walking towards his locker, happy to see me (even though we just had class together like 1 minute ago).

"Hey, were you waiting for me? Did you want to go home together?" After throwing some crumpled papers into his locker, we started walking down the hall together, and exited the building.

"Yongguk, I actually have to tell you something," I tugged on the elbow of his sleeve and we stopped walking. "I won't be able to go on our date on Saturday..."

He blinked at me a couple of times and there was silence between us. An uncomfortable, suspenseful silence. Say somethinggggggg.

"Is it because you have to go on a date with that Kris guy?" He must have saw this coming; still, it makes me feel so guilty.

"No it's not a date," I explained, "but it's just...I have to go because my dad is making me."

Yongguk was about to say something back, but then I saw Daehyun coming towards us, "Hey Jieun, Mr. Shin wants to talk to you before you go home." Ugh really Mr. Shin? Now?

"Do I really have to go now?"

"Yeah, he just asked me to tell you before you left the campus," Daehyun said out of breath, he must have ran to catch up with me.

"But I---I just," My eyes went from Yongguk to Daehyun then back to Yongguk, apologetically. "I'll be back. Will you wait here?"

"Alright," Yongguk nodded and I went back into the school.

[3rd Person]

"So...hey!" Daehyun greeted Yongguk in an unnecessarily energetic way.

"Uh yeah, hey," Yongguk didn't have enough energy to have two rivals right now, so he decided that it was probably time to stop hating the guy. Daehyun was still standing next to Yongguk and smiling like he was waiting for him to converse.

Suddenly, Daehyun's attention was taken away from Yongguk when he spotted someone walking up to them. "Oh look, it's one of Jieun's friends."

Yongguk snapped his head in the direction that Daehyun was facing and groaned when he saw Kris stride towards them.

Kris stopped in front of the two guys,took off his sunglasses, and hung it on the top of his shirt, "Hello." He said, giving a sly grin to Yongguk.

"Hey Kris, what are you doing here?" Daehyun asked, unaware of the awkward tension.

"I'm here to pick up Jieun. I'm taking her out...I also have some exciting news to tell her, but I guess since you guys are already here, I'll go ahead and tell you first. After tomorrow, my sister and I are returning to America."

"Aw that's too bad," Yongguk commented sarcastically.

"And we're bringing Jieun with us too," Kris added unexpectedly. After that bit of information, Daehyun and Yongguk had similar looks on their faces.

"What do you mean you're bringing her with you??" Yongguk stepped up and Daehyun had to pull him back because his senses were telling him that a possible fight might break out.

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