Chapter 6 - Over Too Soon

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Ramsay pushes you against the wall and pins your hands beside your head, his face just inches away from yours.

"Please, don't hurt me!" you say trying to hold back tears.

He loosens his grip on your arms and brings them down against your stomach securing both of your wrists in one of his hands. His other hand now free, he begins to trace your features softly with his fingers.

"Anyone else and I would have killed them by now. I don't know what you are doing to me (Y/N)".

His finger stops at your bottom lip and he tugs on it gently. You can feel your face turning red. Ramsay leans in even closer, his lips just hovering over yours.

"You. Are. Mine." he whispers before crashing his lips onto yours. He pushes you against him, needing to feel your body against his. You try to push away but he just pulls you against him again, securing you in his arms even tighter. You give in to him easily, not because you know you can't escape his grip, but because deep down some part of you wants this. He bites down on your lip before pulling away, the warmth of his body quickly disappearing. You are both breathing hard and you feel a little lightheaded but try not to let it show, instead looking up at him to read his expression. It was normally tough for you to read his face, but for a moment you see a flash of panic in his eyes. Before you could say anything, he quickly bolts out of the room, leaving you confused and alone.

It isn't until Ramsay's gone that you realize your lip is bleeding from when he bit down on it. You wipe the blood away using the back of your hand and sit on the edge of the bed, still breathless from what just happened. You knew you were falling for this crazy man. As much as you once hated him, there was something about him that drew you in since day one and if he wants you to be his, you are going to be sure you give him what he wants.

Stepping off of the bed, you leave the room and search for Ramsay. The halls are dark and it's hard for you to see but you continue searching. Since its late, everyone is sleeping so you are sure to be extra careful to not wake anyone. Approaching the end of the hall, you see a door cracked open, light shining through. Carefully stepping towards the door, you peek your head through. To your surprise, Ramsay is standing at the end of the room, staring out the window. He must be deep in thought as he doesn't notice you slip into the room, closing the door behind you. You make your way towards him, stepping slowly and quietly. Reaching out, you place a hand on his shoulder.


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