Chapter 4 - Pushing the Limits

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You awaken to the sound of a door opening. You quickly bolt up and find Ramsay standing at the end of the bed. He is holding something but it's too dark to see. He turns and walks away to the other side of the room where he lights a torch. In his hands are some fruit. "I brought you some food" he says with a smile as he puts them in front of you and returns to his chair, still watching you carefully. You hesitate to take the food at first, but the rumble In your stomach makes you snatch it. Ramsay watches you eat which makes you extremely uncomfortable but you try to ignore it. You quickly finish up your food and turn your body away from Ramsay so that he can no longer stare at your face. You hear Ramsay stand up and walk towards you, his footsteps getting louder as he approaches you. You feel the bed dip as he sits at the end, feeling his eyes on you. "You know, you can't ignore me forever" he says. You don't reply or look at him but instead remain sitting completely still, eyes closed, praying he gets up and leaves you alone. Suddenly, you feel a hand rest on your shoulder which startles you and you jerk away quickly looking back angrily at the bastard. "Please, just leave me alone" you say through clenched teeth. Ramsay looks straight into your eyes with the same intense stare he gave you before. This time you stand your ground and keep your gaze locked to his blue eyes. He flashes you a smirk. "I like that about you (Y/R). You're not afraid to stand up for yourself. You think anybody in this house would have the nerve to stand up to me? Just be careful though, one of these times you may catch me in a bad mood". Your chest sinks and you look away, staring at the wall in front of you. Ramsay breaks the silence again. "Feel free to do whatever you like in this room while I get some sleep - my lady" He says rolling onto the bed. You quickly get up to move as far away from him as possible and sit on the chair at the other side of the room, watching him for a far. You know he is trying to bother you on purpose and its working. After several moments you feel your eyelids closing by themselves but you try to remain alert. You thought about trying to kill him in his sleep but you knew you didn't have the strength to do it. Not only that, but he was sleeping with a dagger at his side so you make sure to keep your distance. Fighting to remain conscious the exhaustion is too much and you lose the battle, falling asleep on the chair.

You awaken, looking up at the ceiling. Your mind returns back to you as you look around realizing you are laying in the bed Ramsay was in. You quickly sit up in confusion. Ramsay is nowhere to be seen. He must have picked you up and laid you here himself. The thought of Ramsay touching you gives you shivers. You push off the covers and climb out of bed. Your ankle is regaining strength and it does not hurt to walk on it as much anymore. Looking over at the chair you had fallen asleep in, you notice clothes folded up at the table nearby. Walking over to examine the piles of dozens of clothes, there is a note laid on top. You pick it up and read it. "Good morning (Y/N), I hope you slept well. I have gotten some clean clothes for you to wear. Get dressed and feel free to walk around outside if you wish. I have told one of my men to keep a close eye on you though so don't think you can escape. See you soon, my lady. - Ramsay". You put the note down and observe the clothing. He is actually letting you outside? Although, you will be followed around by one of his men, it is better than nothing. This may give you the opportunity to plan a way to escape with a better look at the surroundings. You quickly get dressed into a clean outfit and tie your hair into a neat ponytail. You approach the door, and slowly turn the handle hoping Ramsay didn't fool you. The handle turns all the way, allowing you to let out a sigh of relief.

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