Eliza~ The Player has herpes?

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Eliza Pov
Music was blasting and people were everywhere. Sitting on the couch, drinking in the kitchen, and grinding in the large living room. A classic high school party.

I looked around scanning the room for Ashton. Gianna looked at me then behind me, recognition flashing in her eyes.

"You want some punch? I'll go get us some punch, bye!" she said. And she was gone before I could get a word out. Looking around I noticed that I haven't really missed much. And this was not my scene.

A warm hand on my back made me freeze. A body stepped close and put his lips to my ear.

"Eliza, you came," he said. There was no mistaking that voice.

" Hey Ashton. Um, of course I came couldn't miss it," I said turning around. His brows furrowed.

"Did you come alone or..." he trailed off.

"No, I came with my friend Gianna." I looked around the room. " She went to get punch," I said shrugging my shoulders. His eyes lit up.

" Good, I have you to myself then. You wanna dance?" he asked with a wide smile. Okay , at least I won't make a complete fool of myself in this area.

But I just couldn't get over how hot he was and that he wanted to dance with me! Ashton had blond hair that was jelled up and a nicely rounded face and dark obsidian eyes

I noticed a pretty brunette starring daggers at me. I think her name was Tiana. I recalled Gianna angrily raving about how Tiana threw her self on Toby, her boyfriend. I guess Ashton was her next conquest.

"Sure," I said as he pulled me to the dance floor. His heated expression brought a new wave of confidence to me.

I have no idea what came over me but I turned and pressed my back to his chest and my butt to his pelvis and started moving my hips to the beat of the music. I heard a sharp intake of breath as he settled his hands on my hips and squeezed.

I may not know boys well, but I knew dancing. I looked up and caught Tiana's eye and grinned at her. I watched her snarl and stomp off.

I turned and wrapped my hand around his neck. He had a look of surprise on his face. "You're not at all what I expected." he said.

"What did you expect? Ballroom dancing?" I asked cheekily. I mentally slapped myself. That joke sucked. Regardless he let out a laugh.

" Ah, no I didn't expect you to make me feel this way,"he said. My eyes widened. Make him feel this way? Horny? We've haven't even spoken much. How many girls has she fed that line to?

"But you don't even know me," I said. I suddenly became keenly aware of his hands tightening on my hips. He frowned as the music slowed and we started to sway.

"That's not completely true. I know you have a friend named Gianna, I know you go to Jackson High, you work at Max's diner, and.." he moved in closer.

"..You're an amazing dancer." He moved even closer until his breath was on my lips. "And you're the most beautiful girl at this party," he whispered, his voice now husky. He was smooth, I'll give him that.

"Huh ," I said and to my shock  he crashed his lips to mine. His tongue was eager mine as he clutched me tighter to his chest. I kissed him back..but he was a bit sloppy. I've only kissed someone a few times but...his tongue was all over the place. He wasn't horrible so I participated.

I realized we were making a spectacle of ourselves and I pulled away. I turned and saw Gianna's shocked face and let out a laugh.

"Gosh, I love that laugh. I wanna get to now you better kitten," he said.

I raised a brow at him. "Kitten?"

"Ya, Kitten," he said

"Ashton, what the fuck are you doing?!" I heard from behind him. He turned his face filled with annoyance. His tall frame hid my small figure. I looked around the living room and realized all eyes were on us. Gianna was no where to be found.

"Hey Brook just introducing myself to Eliza over here," he said casually. I walked around him to get a look at the girl he called Brook. Oh, great she's one of the queen bee's from Jackson High.

"Oh really? Cause it looked like you were locking lips with this fourth grader."she spat.

"Because I haven't heard that one before," I scoffed. I am shorter than most girls so what?

Ashton got smart and remained silent. "How could you? I thought we were forever?!" she said. Her bottom lip jutted out like she was gonna cry.

Well I'm pretty sure she's just full of shit and I'm also pretty sure that I just got played. And by the look on his face the thought of "forever" horrified him.

"Brook, that was only a one time thing you know that. I'm hanging out with Eliza now, so just let it go." he said. Brook looked at me and her sad expression turned malicious.

"Fine, keep the bastard. He caught HERPES anyway. Careful, it's better to be safe than sorry," she said. Ashton's mouth dropped open in shock then twisted in anger as she shouldered past me.

She sent me flying into Ashton. After regaining my balance I took his arm and led him outside toward the lake, not wanting to embarrass myself any further.

I stopped short at the tree and turned ready to unleash my rage and disgust when he quickly said, "Kitten she lied."

" Don't call me that. And so she lied? So you didn't hump and dump her like I'm sure you must have done to other girls?" I asked. He winced and gave we an impatient look. Clearly not wanting to explain himself. He huffed.

"No, I did that I mean I don't have herpes." he said. I looked at him in annoyance and anger.

"So you wanna get to know me, asshole! Hugh? You're gonna call me cute names like kitten?" I wasn't about to stop, I was on fire.

"Oh, come on you knew what this-" I cut him off.

"Get to know this dick face!" I spit. And in one swift movement my knee came up to his groin, hard. I heard a satisfying yelp as his knee's hit the floor and and he clutched his man parts.

"You. Little. Bitch," he gasped out. Ah. the beast comes out. Needing to get away from him I went around the house to get some fresh air. I can't believe I was so naive and stupid.

I pulled out my phone and saw a text from Gianna and grinned at the contact name she put for herself.

Amazing Grool Sexy BFF: I just heard what happened where r u chika?

Me: Went to get fresh air. TTYL about it :)

Amazing Grool Sexy BFF: kk

I trudged through the grass to get to the front of the house thinking I was just gonna wait until Gianna was done because I was not feeling this party anymore. If it wasn't for my fear that Ashton would still be at the tree I would have enjoyed the lake view.

Goose bumps formed on my skin from the breeze. The smell of dirt and wood filled my nose and I took a deep breath. I'm just going to forget about what happened.

As I put my phone away a bright streak lit up the sky and crashed down into the trees a few yard away until it was out of view. I yelped in shock. What the hell? Was that what I think it was?

I ran back to the backyard where the lake was to find Ashton was gone. People rushed to the back searching for the source of the sound. Gianna crashed into me.

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