Chapter 3 - Unmerciful

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You sat on the edge of the bed in absolute shock. Marry Ramsay Bolton? Your life would be a living hell! There was no way you were going to agree to this. You let out a long sigh and gazed out the window with tears filling your eyes. You could see the gate entrance and people wandering inside the gates. You tried to get a better glimpse of the people to see if you could recognize anyone when you spotted Ramsay, walking through the crowd. He was headed towards a man who appears to be captured by two soldiers. Listening closely, you are just able to make out what they are saying down below. All the people around them fell quiet and watched. "Please Lord Bolton! My family is going hungry! I only stole some food so that my kids wouldn't starve!" the man cried. Ramsay looked calm and powerful as he leaned down and spoke to the man. "I don't care what your circumstances are, you stole from us and now the price is 3 of your fingers". The man's eyes widened and he continued to plea and try to break free of the soldiers grasp as they forced his hand away from his body. Ramsay walked over, pulled out his axe, and in the blink of an eye, chopped off the man's fingers. You quickly looked away from the horrifying scene but could still hear the screams of the man.

A loud knock on the door captures your attention. You quietly and slowly walk over to the door and pause. The knocking starts again. "Who's there?" you say in a frightened tone. "I am a servant here my lady. Lord Bolton sent me up here to ask if you require anything". You tense up at the sound of his name. "Yes, tell him that I require him to let me out, and that I will never agree to this marriage". The lady pauses before responding. "I'm afraid no one can tell Lord Bolton what to do. He does as he pleases and gets what he wants. I am sorry you are in this situation". Feeling defeated, you collapse on the floor leaning your head on the door. The lady must have heard you sit as she is quick to ask if you are ok. She offers to help you out with any questions you may have. You don't really feel like answering but your curious about one thing so you ask. "Can you tell me exactly what Ramsay is like, since you most likely know him better than me". The lady takes a long pause before answering in a now whispery tone. "Well, Ramsay is quite the character. He is very cruel. Some say he gets enjoyment out of making people suffer. That he isn't even capable of love. Yet Ramsay is also very smart and clever, which makes him even more dangerous. He does whatever he pleases and allows no one to disrespect him. Everyone must always properly address him as a lord". It's a lot of information to take in. Now you are even wishing you never asked. You say thank you to the lady and tell her that you are hungry. She tells you she will be back and you hear her walk away as you get up and sit on the bed trying to sort through all the information she has given you.

Minutes have gone by and you are still replaying her words in your head. Based on what you heard and saw today, you know you must try not to anger Ramsay. You feel a headache coming on and lay back on the bed. It's been so long since you last slept. You close your eyes and curl up under the covers. It was unlikely you were going to get some good sleep with everything that's going on, but you close your eyes anyways and try to clear your head. You must have been more exhausted then you thought because within minutes you drift off too sleep.

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