Chapter 1 - What's That In the Distance?

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It was a cold and dark night. Winter was definitely coming. You needed a quiet place to clear your head so you decided to take a walk outside but became entangled in your own thoughts. Things were not going well for you and your family. The house was becoming weak, and we were quickly running out of food for the people. The thought of starving people and your house falling makes you sick to your stomach.

After quite some time of walking you hear a loud noise in the distance. You were so engaged in your own thoughts that the sudden loud noise startled you so much you nearly fell face first. The sound was definitely coming from deep in the woods. You knew that the smart thing to do would be to turn back and return home but being the curious person you were, you decided to go explore. As you walked deeper into the woods you began to hear muffled voices and footsteps. You saw shadows of figures illuminated by torches that were held up by even more figures. There must be half a dozen men out here. "What are they doing out here in the middle of the night" you thought to yourself. Hiding behind a large tree you peak your head to the side to try and get a closer look. You hear a loud scream and try to focus on the scene in front of you. Suddenly, you come to the realization that the loud noise you heard before was the horrified screams coming from the man you now see before you. The man was tied up to the post and blood was dripping down his body forming a large pool on the ground. Following the trail of blood with your eyes, you look up to see a man holding a dagger with a huge smile on his face. You felt your body stiffen in fear. The man with the dagger is none other than the bastard Ramsay Snow, son of Roose Bolton.

You have never actually encountered Ramsay before. You only remember a couple months back seeing him walking with his soldiers at his side and everyone cowering in fear. Your house has only ever talked about Ramsay in bad ways and it was not until now that you fully understood why. Ramsay was flaying the poor man alive. You felt sick to your stomach and knew that you needed to make a run for it. As fast as you could, you turned around in order to run back home but tumbled over a branch that caught your foot causing you to tumble onto the cold ground. You could feel blood beginning to drip down your ankle and looked down to see that the branch had sliced you deep. "Shh, what was that", a voice whispered. "Sounds like it came from over there", another man said. Footsteps began to creep your way and you knew it was time to move. Picking yourself back up, you began to run towards your house feeling blood still trickling down your ankle. Your ankle was on fire but you pushed through it, shoving past tree branches and frantically looking for a way out. No matter how fast you ran the footsteps behind you kept getting louder and louder. Too afraid to look back you just kept running and running until a galloping horse appeared in front of you cutting off your way causing you to stumble backwards and fall. You look up to see a large man with a beard looking down at you. Laughter surrounded you as more men caught up to see the scene. "Hahaha so it was a girl spying on us" one of the men said. The man on the horse climbed off and grinned down at you. "Ay, it was a girl, a girl who should have been minding her own business". Fear had overtaken your body and you could not speak. All you could do was pick yourself up off the floor and back away from the man. As you began to step back the other men walked closer, completely surrounding you in the middle of a small circle. This was it. There was no where you could go. "Stop scaring the lady" Ramsay said as he emerged from the shadows riding his horse. You and the bastard locked eyes.

Terrified of what may happen next you tried to make a run for it pushing past some men but they grabbed onto your arm securing you in place. "Please, just let me go." Your voice was weak and filled with fear. Ramsay looked down at you smiling. "I'm afraid we can't just let you go sweetheart, but I assure you there is no need to be scared as long as you do as I say and come with me". Ramsay reached his hand out to you waiting for you to accept his assistance and get on the horse with him. Did he really think you would just go with him? No. There has to be a way out of this. There is no way you can just go with Ramsay Snow. Who knows what the bastard will do to you? You hesitate staring down at his hand. Ramsay quickly takes note of your hesitance and nods to his men. Before you know it, your hands are behind your back and you are securely tied up with zero chance of escape now. "Please Ramsay, you don't need to take me! I didn't mean to spy on you. I just heard a noise and wanted to check out what it was. Please leave me alone. I need to get back to my house" you look up at Ramsay hoping he would realise you're not worth the effort and leave you alone. The grin on his face quickly disappears as he turns his face away. It was no use, Ramsay just gets enjoyment out of peoples suffering. You begin to feel extremely light headed. Your ankle was still bleeding and rapidly becoming more painful. You bend down to examine the wound closely when suddenly, everything goes black.

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