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This story will probably end around ch.16-17, most likely.  That's for the journey.
Warning bad language ahead


"All this time he's been trying to steal Mads away from me, when he's had another chick back in New York? How ironic." I said talking to the guys.

"What a jerk." Nash said. "And I should know.

"Well, what are you gonna do?" Carter said.

"Well I gotta tell her. How can I not?"

"Because you said you'd stay out of her life."

"Shit, you're right. But I don't care. Whether she wants me or not, I have to tell her. I said walking into the school. "Jack!" I said, he was near me and Mads locker, but I'm sure he was there for Madison. I tried to swing but the guys stopped me before I could.

"What the fuck bro?" He said hugging Madison.

"Don't act so innocent!" I said trying to get out of the guys grip.

"Don't you have a class to go to?"

"Just so you know, I know your dirty little secret. Don't think I won't be an asshole right now and tell Madison right here in front of everyone!" I said drawing an audience.

"Jack, what is he talking about?" Madison said, butting in.

"Who knows, since he's lost you, he doesn't even know what he's been saying. C'mon babe, let's go to class."

"What a fucking bitch!" I said yelling, punching my locker in.



"Babe, I wanna know what the secret is." I said as we walked to our seats.

"I'll tell you later. Right now, I have a test to ace." He said kissing my forehead, going to his seat. Tess walked right into me, going to her seat.

"My bad, Madison, it's like you were invisible." She said laughing.

I took my seat, and waited for the timer to start my test. I pray this drama between Jack and Cameron doesn't distract me from taking my test.

I was the first one done. I know I nailed it. Jack was most likely the fifth one done, but that's progress. Glad to know the tutoring paid off.

After school, we went to see what our grades were. I was so confident in Jack that he passed. I didn't have to worry about myself.

"Well, Jack, I can't believe it, but you scores an 86%."

"Yes!" He said hugging and twirling me around.

"As for You Miss Walters, you might need to study."

"Study?" I said confused. He handed me my test, which was a big fat F.

"A 56%!"

"How could this be Mads?" Jack said looking at the answers I chose. "But everything on this test, you taught it to me."

"Well that's ironic if Miss Walters got nearly every question wrong. But Jack we need to talk." The teacher said.

"I'll just meet you at the car." I said walking outside.

I saw Cameron and the guys getting into the car.

"Cameron!" I said shouting to get his attention. "Please, tell me what the secret is, I'm dying."

"Why don't you ask your boyfriend?"

"Don't be like that, Cameron."

"I'll be however I want. Stay safe, Madison." He said driving off.

Don't be like that Cameron.



~Author's Note

Short chapter. But at least it was two in one day! I had to divide this chapter into two parts.

#QOTC : Who was your favorite Disney actor or you favorite Disney show? Mine was Hannah Montana, That's so Raven, and the throwbacks!

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