Every bone in her body hurt, and she could just feel it in her heart that it was time, that Arthur wouldn't be able to make it, that he would return and that she would be gone, maybe already six feet into the ground of Camelot. She wanted to cry, but she found herself unable to. She would never be able to say her goodbyes to Gaius, to Ros, to Morgana, nor Gwen, nor her brother, not even her mother. She would never tell Arthur 'I love you'. 

  Her body began to shiver slightly, her hands shaking the most. Everything hurt, it was as if something was trying to claw it's way out of her, tissue by tissue. She could hear Ros call for Gaius, but she knew he wouldn't be able to do anything unless Arthur arrived at this very second. She felt the two pick her up and move her to what felt like the wooden table. After that, Ana wasn't quite sure what was going on. Words became incoherent gibberish, and all her feelings became numb, the only thing that she did have were the thoughts in her head, screaming for the pain to stop although the pain had began to numb. 

 That was until she felt a sort of liquid go into her mouth. As difficult as it was, she tried her hardest to swallow it, hoping it was either the medicine, or some sort of poison to allow this to go by quicker than it was. It was horrible tasting, like a combination of dirt, grass, and feces. 

 She regretted allowing herself to swallow that thing, until she felt her body stop moving, and she saw a grand light coming nearer to her. She couldn't feel her body any longer, but she could still feel her soul, and it was light, and it was pure. 

 A man was there in the light, he was beautiful, like an angel of sorts. His skin was dark, and his eyes were light, like an icy blue. He gave her a smile and walked over to her.

 "Is it my time?" She asked, and to that he responded by shaking his head.

 "No. You still have much to do out there. You and the man you love will rule for a long time, bringing happiness to all. Your brother and the princess, they will be happy as well. Go now, now that you know this, and bring joy to these lands that so truly need it. Know that we will always be watching, and caring." He told her, placing one hand on her shoulder, and another on her forehead. "Sleep, now."

  And with that, she felt herself grow weary, and her eyes close. 

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