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You walk down your schools halls, papers in your hands as you walk towards class. You trip over something making you face plant onto the floor.

"Hahaha!" you hear snickering behind you. Apparently that thing you tripped over was someone's foot. That someone being Yumi your old best friend. Before she started bullying you.

"Still as clumsy as ever." she says kicking the papers out of your reach.

You sigh as she walks away from you. You start picking up the papers "You alright?" you hear a voice ask.

You don't look up as you continue to pick up the papers "Just peachy." you say sarcastically.

You grab the last paper and look up at the person.

You're met with red eyes "You shouldn't let people bully you like that." he says.

You roll your eyes "Whatever I'm use to it. See ya orange top." you say walking away from the boy.

You hear him yell from behind you "My names Kyo, not orange top!" he yells while you smirk. 'Kyo, cool name.' you think as you walk to class.


You walk to the student council room after a teacher asked you to deliver a poster to the student council president. Right when you're about to open the door, someone else opens it. You look up and you're met with a pair of purple eyes. You quickly take a step back noticing you're too close to him.

"Sorry." you say.

"I was told to bring this to the student council president." you say holding out the poster.

The boy smiles at you "I'm Yuki, the student council president." he says.

You smile "I'm Y/N, nice to meet you." you say holding out the poster to him.


You leave the small café that you work at and start to walk home at night. You hum a song to yourself as you walk.

"Excuse me." you hear someone say and tap your shoulder.

You quickly turn around and hit the person with your bag. You look at the person you hit not even move an inch. He has white and black hair, he has on a white jacket and necklaces. He looks down at you and rubs the side of his head that you hit.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." he says in a calm voice.

You sigh "It's fine, can I help you?" you ask.

He nods "Do you know where the Sohma house is?" he asks.

You cross your arms over your chest "You mean that huge house that looks like a village?" you ask and he nods.

You point down the road "You go straight then turn left, you should be able to see it from there." you say.

He lightly smiles "Thanks, I'm Hatsuharu by the way." he says holding his hand out.

"Y/N" you say shaking his hand.


'Which one should I get?' you think as you look at all the candy. You were the girl known to have the biggest sweet tooth. You love everything sweet. You reached your hand out for the last of your favorite candy bar, but someone else grabs it before you do. You look next to you to see a small boy with blonde hair in girly clothes.

He smiles at you "Sorry, here you can have the candy bar." he says holding the candy bar out to you.

You shake your head "Its fine you grabbed it first, you can have it."

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