Chapter 18 : Wait, what!?

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"Where are we going?" I asked looking outside the windows "We've been driving for like forever"

"Just a little bit more we're almost there" he replied turning right to a private road 

"I know I said that I trust you but I can't help to ask where are we going?"

"We're going to pay your family a visit" my heart skipped a beat 

I was frozen staring outside the windshield I haven't noticed that we stopped staring in front of me an exact replica of our mansion.

"We're here" he announced. Luke parked in front of the mansion after opening his door he walked to my side and opened the door 

"Are you coming?" he asked

"That-that mansion it looks exactly like our mansion.." I reply in awe 

"That's cause it is...well it is and it's not" 

"Wha-what do you---" he was right

it as our mansion the old but glamorous looking curtains hanged from the window, the huge front old front door was widely open..and there was people-well creatures inside...

Slendy was there yelling at Toby and Clockwork, Grinny snickering behind the couch. Jeff and Sally on the dinner table with Masky eating cheesecake and EJ messing with his phone 

"What's I-I-I--" I can't believe what's in front of me I looked at Jason then back at the mansion now I really know I'm dreaming I just saw myself descending the stairs with Ben into the kitchen petting Smile in the process

"What's happening!?" I asked frantically

"We're not in your mansion.." Jason said leaning on his car putting his hands in both front pockets

"Then what the fuck is that!? that's my house and my family and that--that girl looks exactly like me she's like a doppelganger forget doppelganger she IS ME!"

"You're imagining them.." Jason replied calmly "I'm here to save you"

"To save me!?to save me from what!?"

"From dying.."

"Dying!? I'm as good as new!"

"No you're not you're still in your coma"

"Haha so funny I woke up from my coma a long freaking time ago! Is this some kind of a practical joke or something!? Well you got me!"  I yelled to nothing in particular "Was this week a" I put my fingers up and made air quotes "Let's give Sally a hard time week or something!? Well you fucking got me no stop this cruel cruel joke..please" 

"No Sally..listen to me.." he took a deep breath and put his hands on my shoulder he looked at me like he as in pain of some sort "You never woke up.."


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