ii. the bohemian rhapsody files

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I didn't think it was possible for a person to be happy, shocked, worried, and upset all at the same time. You'd think all together it'd bring about some abnormal alien-looking version of a reaction, but really, the truth is that it all just ends in tears.

After our conversation President Avery thought it best to personally explain to mom about what was going to happen. However, our initial interaction didn't begin so smoothly, as mom freaked the moment she saw President Avery enter the service kitchen. She was on break watching Spanish soap operas with her co-worker, my god-mother, Marianna, when we walked in.

"Um, mom-"

"Hay dios mio!" Marianna exclaims, clutching my mother's arm. Passions of Midnight  was playing on the small television and, sadly, it was their favorite show. "What the hell is wrong with you Santiago! She's not your novia! Ella es Irene, Isabella's evil twin sister!"

"What happened to Isabella?" my mom asks, eyes wide with anticipation.

"Uh-oh I don't know Grace. But this isn't go to end well." Marianna replies, eyes still glued on the television. "Hay Santiago! Estupido! Estupido!"

Suddenly, as if on cue, President Avery interrupts with a obvious 'ahem' and thats when the real drama begins. Just like how mom and Marianna reacted when Santiago kissed Isabella's evil twin sister, both women gape at the presence of President Avery in the room.

"Good Afternoon ladies." he beams, with a confident stance. All goes quiet again until President Avery clears his throat and stares at Marianna. "I was wondering if I could speak to Ms. Porter and Amelia alone for a moment."

Immediately Marianna understands, and turns off the television. On her way out, her eyes widen at my direction, meaning that a serious interrogation was coming my way later on that night.

Mom, unlike Marianna, straightens herself and gestures for us to sit. I know that she's nervous, but shows no indication of it.

"Hello sir. How may I help you?"

Though I had just barely been informed on President Avery's relationship with my dad, I always knew my mom had acquainted herself with him. They weren't friends, and hardly ever spoke to one another, but she knew him and he knew her. However with such knowledge in mind, it was still unsettling to see President Avery address my mom as 'Grace' when they spoke.

Though President Avery assured Marianna that all he needed was a 'moment', it certainly wasn't. The conversation was so long that before I knew it, dinner was being served in our small little kitchen. He introduced mom to the main idea of Elliot getting help and me going to school across the country. And not soon after, thats when the tears came. Mom was bawling, making her signature wheezing-monkey noises- the noises that only ever came out whenever she got too emotional.

"Mom are you okay?" I ask, wrapping an arm around her shoulder.

"Oh honey, I'm more than okay." she replies, welcoming me into her arms. "Baby, if this is what you want then I'd be the last person in the world to stop you."

I smile, welcoming her embrace. "I love you mom."

She smiles in reply, kissing my forehead. "Oh sweetie, I love you too."

That was less than 48 hours ago. After more crying and hugging President Avery talked to mom about other details and off we went to go home, pack, and say goodbye to Elliot. Elliot wasn't entirely happy about my departure, but got over it when my ride to the airport dropped over a few 'gifts' in complements of the President.

Less than 48 hours ago I was in D.C.

Now, after a stop-over at Los Angeles and Honolulu, I was in a car in Molokai, being driven to what would yet be another unfamiliar environment.

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