Author's Note!

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Traviesas, I'm happy doing your requests and all pero y'all are never specific.

Yes, y'all explain to me what you want but when I ask y'all a question on a specific detail, most of y'all don't answer back.

Until most of y'all comment back, and answer, I'm doing regular imagines. No requests.

Pero just to be clear, if you're gonna request, comment ;

Your name. (Most important detail)

What you want : when, where, how, with who.

You can request it with Bebe too, I don't mind.

Basically any guy in the team that you love.

I just don't want to write an imagine, and have it totally what you didn't expect it to be.

And having y'all maybe pretend y'all love it, when y'all don't lol.

Just tell me how exactly you want it, and my imagination picks up from it.

Sometimes when I think it through, I get confused on how y'all really want it.

Pero, if you want to request, I don't mind, please do.

Uploading an imagine at least by Wednesday or Thursday..

I love you chulas.

Stay proud of Luisito.

I know I am, since he won 4 awards last Thursday.

Oh mi corazon ❤.

Bye chulas.


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