Chapter 1- Where are we going? 

Ring. Ring. Ring.  Off to Science. 

My name is Allie Miller. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am 17. I have 4 best friends, Jessica, Riley, Jane and Samantha. My favorite color is Blue and Purple. I live in Florida and I love it here. I do not have a boyfriend like most of the people at school. All the guys want to get it on with me if you know what I mean. Me and my older sister Miley live in a beach house on the coast. My parents died when I was 5. Miley already had that house so she told me I could come live with her. She is 20 and she loves me with all of her heart. We are like best friends. I'm in 11th grade. Me and Miley just got a Begal puppy named ButterCup. My friends are always at my house. 

"Everyone grab a partner so we can get started" Mr.Smith my Science Teacher said. 





Everyone yelled out. See, people say I'm smart and Beautiful so people like to be partners with me. I know it sucks. I just rolled my eyes and went over to an empty seat. I felt someone sit by me and oh god. It's my crush of 3 years. His name is Matt. 

"Is it alright if I sit here?" Matt asked. 

"Uh.. Yeah sure!" I said moving my stuff onto the floor.

"Good. Thanks" He said smirking. Gosh. I think I might melt. 


"You guys are dissmissed! Make sure you get your Quest done!" Mr.Smith yelled while we all piled out the door. School is over for Summer! 

"Hey Al!" My friends chorused coming over to my locker.

"Hey!" I yelled back. 

"You guys want to come over?" I asked texting Miley. 

"Sure!" They chorused yet again. 

We finally got to my house after 10 minutes. I walked in and Miley was pacing back and forth. 

"Miley, Is everyhting okay?" I asked throwing my bag onto the couch. 

"Listen Al, I just got done with a job interview and they excepted me" Miley said still pacing back and forth.

"YAY! But I don't see the problem?" I asked sitting down on the couch along with the girls. 

"The job is in England. Which means we have to move there.." She said sitting down next to me. 

"By we you mean you right?" I asked worried. 

"I'm afraid not.." She said sadly. 

"Wait! So I have to leave behind Florida, Beach, Mall, Friends and Family?!" I yelled. 

"Yes. We leave tomorrow morning at 5." She said walking into the kitchen. 

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