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Jack Johnson's Pov:
Ding I hear from my iPhone.

Unknown Number: Hey Baby 😏

Me: Umm.. Who's this?

Unknown Number: I can't say.

Me: Why??

Unknown Number: Because I Can't.

Me: Well then what do I put your contact name as??

Unknown Number: Hmm Put it as Daddy👅💦

Me: How about no.

Unknown Number: Fine than put it as JG❤️

Me: But, this guy at my school that I really hate initials are JG 😷😷

Unknown Number: Please JJ just put it. and make sure to put the heart at the end please!

Me: Okay then.

JG❤️: Thank you very much.

Me: How do you know me??

JG❤️: I go to school with you.

Me: Okay then I'm guessing you're a guy?

JG❤: Yup. How about we learn a little about each other?

Me: Sure why not.

JG❤️: Fav Color

Me: Blue

JG❤️: Like your beautiful eyes that I seem to get lost in.

Me: 😳 Thanks but they're not beautiful I mean ask Jack Gilinsky he seems to hate them. When he pushes me against the locker he stares at them with nothing but hatred.

JG❤: sorry about that.

Me: It's okay it isn't your fault. Anyways let's get back to the questions.

JG ❤️: Okay umm fav sport?

Me: I don't like any sport but I do enjoy watching football tho.

JG ❤️: Yeah I'll give you a hint I'm on the football team.

Me: Ooo okay so I got a cutie on my hands!

JG ❤️: Why do you say that?

Me: literally all the football players are hot as fuucckkkk.

JG ❤️: Even lil Hayes

Me: Well yeah he's cute I mean I would go for him but nah.

JG ❤️: To bad you're mine!

Me: Sorry but I'm not yours until I see your face.

JG ❤️: Yeah yeah whatever...

Me: Okay my turn. Full name??

JG ❤️: Babe you know I can't tell you that.

Me: But daddy..

JG ❤️: Fuck

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