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Main Character 1
Jack Johnson-

Eyes- Bright Blue like the ocean.

Hair- Blonde

Body Figure- Super Skinny Kinda Wimpy.

Personality-Depressed, Nice, gentle, trustworthy doesn't really trust anyone, quiet, nerdy, only child, sucker for love, and shy.


Lilly Johnson- Alcoholic,drug addict, beats son

John Johnson- ?? Disappeared before son was born.

Main Character 2
Jack Gilinsky-

Eyes- Caramel brown

Hair- dark brown/black

Body Figure- Skinny but built.

Personality- Sucker For Romance, bully, Fuckboi , rich, one sibling, a bit cocky.

Elizabeth Gilinsky- Nice ,sweet, gentle, and rich.

Bob Gilinsky- Strict and rich.

Characters later introduced

Samuel Wilkinson (Main Character 1 and 2's Best Friend)

Nate Maloley (Main Character 2's Best Friend)

Molly Gilinsky (Main Character 2's Sister)

Kenny Holland (Side Character)

Mahogany Lox (MainCharacter 1's Best Friend)

Ava Dallas (Mahogany Lox's girlfriend and Cameron Dallas's twin sister)

Madison Beer (Side Character)

Amanda Kelly (Side Character)

Matthew Espinosa (Main Character 1's Best Friend)

Nash Grier (Cameron Dallas's Boyfriend/ Side Character)

Cameron Dallas (Nash Grier's Boyfriend/Side Character)

Hayes Grier (Side Character)

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