Meeting Him

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Tomorrow me and my girls are going to Orinco's Music Festival. I can't wait! Meeting them celebrities. I'ma turn up at the gate!

"I'm surprised your parents let you come lil foot." Whitney said. "Shut yo white ass up! Nigga you the one with the strict parents." I said. "But your parents are stricter." She said smirking.

My parents are strict. But I saved up my own money and payed for my own trip so, why wouldn't they let me go? Oh and I forgot, I'm 19 years old! Yes this music festival is in California and yes I live in Y/S/N. So fucking what?

"Hello welcome to H/N. How may I help you?" The lady said smiling. "Uhm I have a room under Y/L/N." I said.

She typed away on her computer. "Ahh miss Y/L/N. Room 606." She said handing me the keys. "Thank you ma'am." I said.

I still had to wait on my fuckboy friends. There were 4 of us.

"Come on nigga." Jasmine said. I walked to the elevator with them. I pushed Jasmine. "Don't call me nigga. I can only call y'all that." I said stepping on to the elevator. She laughed and rolled her eyes.

"This is FUCKING AWESOME!" Brittany yelled running into her room. My room was so comfy. It had an amazing view! I could see most of Calabasas. "What if we meet Caitlyn Jenner?" Brittany said excitedly. "Fuck Caitlyn Jenner." Jasmine said.

For some reason she really hates her. She said she supports her and all but she hated how the press acts like she's the queen and treat real females like shit. I really honestly love Caitlyn Jenner. She's an inspiration for all of our trannys out there!

"You guys want some pizza because I'm starving like a muthafucka!" Whitney said.

"I could use some!" Jasmine piped. Then it carried around the room. "Y/N go get it." They said looking at me.

"Why me bro?" I said. "And why are all y'all niggas in my room?" I added. "Because we love you and you love us. And we'll pay." Whitney said. "You a paying lie." Brittany and Jasmine said.

I laughed. "Fine Ill get it." I said putting my shoes back on. "It's under the name NeNe!" Whitney yelled as I shut the door.

When I got outside the hotel it was cooler than it was before. Not as hot. "When I see you again." I heard playing. I turned my head to see where it was coming from. Thump. I had bumped into someone.

"I'm so sorry. I should've been looking where I was going!" The person apologized picking me up from the ground. "It's okay. It was my fault too." I said looking at my clothes.

I still haven't seen who it is yet. "Okay. Let me take you to the pizza parlor for make up of what I just did." He said. "I'm going there an-" I stopped in mid sentence when I looked up and seen who this nigga was.

He was so much perfecter in person. So gorgeous an sexy. Can I ride his face or his dick? You wanna know who this guy is?

Justin Bieber.

So I'm thinking about making a part 2 to Jason McCann . Do you guys think I should ? Maybe your votes and comments will tell me . Because I know for sure there is gonna be a part 2 maybe 3 to this imagine . But yeah just tell me which you want first , Jason McCann pt 2 or Everyone Knew pt 3 . Love you babies ! 😘

- Yo nigga Talynn 😂

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