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***Persephone p.o.v

I had called my mom and told her about what happened and she demanded that we all go home.

"Moma, I'm scared," I tell her as soon as I see her I ran to her and she holds me as I cry. My dad watching his hands on my mom back. 

"Shh baby girl it'll be fine," she murmured " I called your grandfather and told him and he's very execited ," I groaned at her words My grandfather was the king if vampires and lets just say he's been trying to marry me off since I was born.  

"But mom," I whined I didn't want to go to the vampire court and introduce myself. My mother and father each had a strong bloodline so me and my three brothers each turned out differently. My oldest brother Liam got the werewolf gene from my dad and that means he'll be the next Alpha, Harry my 2nd oldest brother got the vampire gene from my mom he'll be one of the prince's and my third oldest brother Zack got the were gene but he'll be a beta the right hand man to the Alpha. And me well let's just say I got the messed up genes. I'm literally half were half vampire. I can shift into a wolf, but I also have every thing a vampire has the powers and the thrust for blood just not so much. Which I'm lucky for. My wolf itself was kind dramatic my wolf is midnight black but my tail, ears,and paws looks like its peen dipped in red paint. Which can single me out. My train of thought crashed when I heard a knock in the door. I looked at my daddy and saw him narrow his eyes, when they knocked again. My brothers looked at each other then at me,  

"Open the door would you, Del Luna," it sounded like my mom's sister. My dad growled playfully 

"Who said you could enter my lands blood sucker," my dad was playing that I know his hazel eyes shining 

"Open the door you mutt," I laughed and went to open the door at my father nodded head. I was wrapped into arms "Aww my baby niece is growing up," she shouted /sobbed I snickered  

"What do you mean," I said looking at Jake he was the one that pulled me away from my mate at school so of course he would tell his mom. I growled at him, he smiled at me I rolled my eyes and went to sit on the couch. My mom and aunt began talking about all the things they'd have to do to get me ready for my season I groaned when I saw my brothers laugh at me pain. 

"I hope you mutts have to go," I said they laughed again but it was short lived when it turns out they did have to go with me I laughed when I saw the expressions at the thought if settling down with a nice girl, my brothers were players and manwhores and they couldn't help it, my dad called them to the office when they began whining .  

"Oh and honey who was your mate? Jake didn't want to tell me his name,' I shrugged  

"I don't know, I just know he's my mate, when we crashed into each other and as soon as Liam saw him holding me he charged I didn't even get his name." She shook her head,  

"then what's all this fuse over the prince of the royal bloods?" She asked The Royal Bloods were the last Purebred family left. And they liked it that way, they even killed their family members who had any other species of supernatural as mates. I was glad that my grandfather was a nice man once you get past the grumpy person. 

"He said he was the last purebred prince of the Royal bloods," I murmered my aunt looke at me with sympathy.  

"Oh that's Prince Anothny," My mom murmered I glanced at her she was nodding her head

 "yup Prince Anthony, he's a real hot head, and he has a quick temper." My aunt put in I groaned, my mate is basically an ass from what their trying to tell me 

"Just freaking great," I muttered


I'm hoping your liking the story I kinda had to put some info about the family in, so you know and we'll I guess that's it :3  




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