I got you

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This imagine is going to be a little different. You and Lucas are sibblings. (No you arent gonna have any relations)

Yn pov.

July 8, 1996

My daddy woke me up on a warm July morning telling me that mommy was already at the hospital about to have my baby brother. I was in my pajamas and he scooped me up and brought me to the hospital. I was in the waiting room with my family memebers while my mom and dad were in the delivery room.

15 minutes later my uncle lifted me up and we went into my moms hospital room. Where I seen my dad holding the baby.

Me : Whats his name ?

Dad : Lucas.

Three Years later

Yn pov.

My mom amd dad were arguing. This was happening constantly so it didn't scare me any more. But it still scared Lucas. I was 6 , he was 3. He used to run into my room. And get in bed with me. And I always used to hug him. I felt as I was his only protection. So it was my job to protect him.

I soon heard my mom hitting my dad. I could hear him say " Stop hitting me". I guess she wouldnt so he pushed her down the steps with all force. Then it was quiet. I heard him go down the stairs then come back up walking towards my room. I told Lucas to keep calm.

Dad - Come on kids.

I could tell he had been crying . We got our shoes on and went to the car. I didnt see my mom any where , he must of hid her.

My dad was driving and crying at the same time. He turned around looked at us and told us he loved us and will never stop loving us. Next thing you know our car is soaring in the air because he drove off the highway. I grabbed Lucas into a bear hug and covered him. The car landed in the woods and it flipped over once I looked at Lucas who was unconscious and my dad who had glass on his face because the windshield shattered . I began to panic and scream. The car flipped over one more time. And things went black.

I woke up in a hospital bed with a doctor next to me .

Me - Wheres Lucas ?? Is he okay ? *Trying to get up*

Uncle - *Laying you back down* He's okay Baby girl. You cant get up though.

Me - Well ... When can I?

Doctor - Maybe in 2 days. We cant have you on your feet right now pretty lady.

Me - Ok ...

The doctor leaves.

Me - Is mommy ok ?

My uncle started to tear up

Uncle - She's in heaven now baby girl.

I started to sob my eyes out. I already knew my dad was dead too. Because I seen it with my own eyes.

Two days later

I was waiting for this moment for the past days. I just needed to get up and see Lucas.

I went into the room and seen Lucas laying in the bed. Barely awake. A little smile appeared across his face when he seen me. I went to give him a kiss

Two years later.

Yn pov.

Lucas started school this year. And he really likes it. Its just this one dirty ass little boy that keeps picking at him. Lucas beat him up before . So idk what his problem is.

I was with my friends one day and Lucas came to me and said the little boy said something about our mom. I told my friends ill be back and I went over there.

Me - Excuse me little boy , dont talk about any ones mom.

Little boy - I can talk about any one mom I want

Me - No you cant because your moms a whore, she like 23 with four kids with all different dads.

Of course I got in trouble for saying that to a child but I didnt care.

Present day

Today was Lucas graduation day. It brought tears to my eyes because my baby brother is growing up. I was in the house crying.

Lucas - Chill Yn , im not going anywhere * Laughing*

Me - They grow up so fast *wiping my tears away*

@ Lucas graduation

He got many awards. I cried at the end when all of the graduates exited .
Its weird how I cried and he didn't.

I swear he gives me life. I would of been ended my life if it wasnt for him . I feel like im his mom. I taught him everything. How to fight. How to never love these hoes. And more. I love him so much, I would really do anything for him ❤

It all can get so out of control sometimes
You can lose your faith, you can lose your mind
Lose your grip, get stripped of your pride
Till you don't know how you're gonna stay alive
And this world can throw you over the track sometimes
Your friends can stab you in the back
Sometimes you just break down
When this life tries to wreck you, I protect you

A year later

Me and my uncle stood there and watched as he boarded his plane. He was going to the army. I was crying my eyes out I didnt want him to leave but whatever he wants to do. Im always here to support him..

I got your back, I got you
I take your side, I lay my life down for you
I'll crawl over broken glass, I will stand in the flame
Take the bullet, take the blows, I would take all the pain
Anything, anything that you gotta get through
Hey, hey, I got you
Hey, hey, I got you

A year later

I waited for him to get off the plane. I seen other people from the army coming but I didnt see Lucas. Then I seen a built light skin soilder with facial hair walking from across the airport. I threw my bag at my uncle and ran towards him. I got to him and jumped in his arms. And the tears started rolling down my cheeks.
Iove my baby brother❤


Song - Ciara. I got you

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