"You as well." I replied and gave him a firm handshake which he smiled to. Dad said adults are impressed when someone is not skittish and jumpy when meeting a new person, looks like he was right for once.

"Well you probably already know your rooming with Blake, I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I made sure to put all your classes with Luna and most with the other two as well." He said enthusiastically, he needs to lay of the coffee.

We nodded and I said thanks then ran out of their like a bat out of hell, hes to overly nice which makes me want to see him mad.

"Well I'm going to go study for that Earth final, see yeah tomorrow Bri!" Vlad yelled to me while walking away, I waved and eventually Luna had to leave as well and that left me alone with my roommate, great.

"So Vlad can control Earth?" I asked trying to end the awkward silence, I could probably cut it, maybe I should try?

I started making slicing movements with my hands and Blake gave me a look like I just stepped off the loony bus.

He didn't say anything about my random motions and answered my question, "Yes, they call him a Geokinesis, meaning a person that can control Earth. Luna's got Areokinesis, she can control wind." He ended as we walking in front of what I'm guessing is our room.

"And yourself?" I asked walking in the room to see a mini apartment. It had a pretty good sized room with two double beds with a connected bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. This place rocks!

I finally looked at him and ducted just in time to miss the flying fire ball as it whizzed past my head. Luckily he made the fire go out before it burned our dorm down. "So you control Fire too?" I more like stated, he nodded his head.

"Will you help me then? Because I can barley make a flame form on my hand." I said sheepishly while looking down to cover my blush of embarrassment.

He nodded and walked into the bathroom, I soon heard the shower going. I walked to our room and plopped on my bed. Maybe I could practice my fire? I jumped up and grabbed my key card I got from Blake and walked out the door.

I started heading across campus towards the giant forest full with Red Wood trees. Its a beautiful place that I could see myself spending alot of time in. I could smell the earthly scent of the dirt and flowers.

I wondered until I got to a meadow and decided to sit down and practice. I sat down criss-cross-apple-sause and closed my eyes. I cleared my mind of its thoughts and imagined a small flame in my hand getting bigger and bigger. I opened my eyes to see a smaller version of my mental picture.

I kept my eyes open and stared at the ball, I willed it to slowly grow. Sweat was on my forehead from the energy I was using to do this. Hopefully when I learn more it will put less strain on me.

About 10 minutes later it was about the size of a baseball, I smiled looking at my achievement. It didn't burn me at all, does this mean I'm impute to other peoples fire? I'll have to ask Blake later.

I still had some energy to keep messing around with it. I wonder if I could levitate it? I kept my eyes locked on the sphere and put some energy into the ball to move it up. It went up about a foot then landed back down in my hand. My eyes started burning from being tired and I got the fire to get small and evaporate back to where it came from.

I got up and started heading back to the room, I would defiantly be coming back tomorrow night.

"Where have you been?" Blake asked as I walked threw the door. He was laying on his bed on a black Dell laptop.

"Exploring." I simply said, I didn't want to tell him I had been practicing my fire, I would rather show him of my accomplishments when he helps me.

"Well you'd better get to sleep, Vlad's coming over early tomorrow to take you t get your books."  He said shutting his laptop. I waved my hand at him telling him he can continue what he was doing and that I would be fine with his typing. He re-opened it and nodded at me. I went over to my bags and quickly unpacked everything. 

Well I did keep my girl products in a bag inside my closet, didn't want him whining about it later. After I was done I grabbed my Nightmare Before Christmas shorts and shirt and went to the bathroom to change. I came back out after changing and brushing my teeth and hair; I climbed into my bed immediately sighing in content because the bed and blankets were so soft in comfortable.

"Night." I said turning my back to Blake and towards the wall. I shifted myself so my leg was pressed against the cool wall. I also covered my ear that was facing up towards the ceiling, I had a weird thought that a bug might crawl in or something after watching 'Case 39'. I've done that ever since.

"Goodnight." He replied and continued typing. I soon fell asleep thinking of what might a wait me tomorrow.

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