Chapter One

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Desire For

The Forbidden Fruit

Chapter One

            “Do you love me or not!” She screams at the top of her lungs as tears flew from her eyes.


            “You what!?” She quickly interjected, snapping at her lover with the viciousness of a wild animal.

            “I can’t do this anymore.” Her lover quietly spoke tilting her head to stare at the ground.

            “No… Please don’t say that. Please, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell at you…” She ran her fingers threw her long flowing blonde hair and walked over to her lover heels tapping on the floor as she did. “I Love you” She said staring deep into her eyes.

            “This is not what love is. Can you not see that Veronica?” Her lover quietly fought back.

            “Please give me, another chance…” Veronica spoke, her voice breaking through the sadness building up in her body.


            Veronica opens her eyes and stares at her room. Her maid Freddy is quickly putting all of her cloths away that Veronica threw on the floor the night before.

            “Freddy… Why must you insist on coming into my room at such a god awful hour?” Veronica says rolling over and rubbing her eyes.

            “But miss… It’s nearly noon…” Her shy maid opens the curtains and lets in the bright summer sun.

            Veronica pulls the blankets over her head and grumbles.

            “That will be all Freddy, thank you very much!” She hisses under the covers as her maid rushes out the door.

            Veronica stares at the floor as she dangles her feet off of her enormous bed. She quickly jumps down and walks into the dining hall with her father who is hosting a lunch with all of the respectable ladies and gentlemen of the town. As she bursts in threw the large French doors attention is brought onto her; her long blonde hair, her tall slim figure, her light blue eyes, and her anything but fancy night gown. The night gown was thin and rugged, that of which only a peasant could afford. Her father quickly stood up and watched as his daughter burst in and grabbed a roll of the freshly baked bread from the center of the table. The guests all parted for her holding their noses in disgust as she walked by and then walked over to her father.

            “Hello daddy.” Veronica said with sadness in her voice kissing her father’s cheek with a mouth full of bread.

            Her father, the king, scoffed at this and then stared at his daughter in confusion.

            “Veronica, What are you doing out here? Wearing this? Didn’t your mother and I buy you much finer things?” Her father grabbed her sleeve that had a hole in the seam near the underarm and Veronica pulled away. “You’ve worn this for ages, it needs to be washed.” He sniffs in a couple of times then scrunches up his nose.

            “I want to wear it. It’s all that keeps me happy.” She wraps her arms around her waist holding onto the fabric of the night gown and looking at the floor.

            “Very well then, move along I have business to take care of.” The king sits down and Veronica walks off into the kitchen where Freddy is now helping the cooks prepare desert for the guests.

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