Ch. 2

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Orihime is quite noisy; too noisy for her own good. I let a sigh escape my lips as I continued to watch her; feeling a childishly playful vibe was coming from her. Yeah she was the excited-playful-carefree type of girl. I swear, how will I handle this one? Just how? Saru this is your fault! I told you friends make such a tumult. Ugh. Now she thinks we are friends. How am I going to explain to her that?

“So! Since we are friends” Orihime began.

“Acquaintances” I corrected her.

“Whatever, we should hang out sometime! You totally have to meet my other friends! They are very friendly except for Rukia! I’m sure Rukia will like you though since you both are short and flat-chested.”

Hold up, did she just insult me?

Am I seriously going to allow this?

“Oh, don’t mind her. She always gets distracted by many things and she also tends to talk a lot. She’s a chatter box. The name’s Tatsuki Arisawa! Don’t forget it. Anyways. I heard you don’t like having friends. I used to be like that too, Orihime kept pestering me about me and her being friends… I just accepted it and she completely changed my whole mindset of having friends…Her heart is a heart of Gold. She’s so nice and friendly.” Tatsuki mumbled lightly.

I looked up at Tatsuki; she was a teenager of average height with black hair, her hair was neck-length, and she also had brown eyes. She had a very lean frame compared to Orihime’s curvier figure. Tatsuki gave me a faint smile as I nodded lightly; deciding that I should give Orihime a chance.

Though; I’m not promising that.

I watched as the raven haired female walked over to her seat which was right next to Orihime’s seat. I turned around to face forward as Orihime continued to talk about this guy named Ichigo who I’m starting to think is her boyfriend but eh, I don’t really care though.

Pulling out my ear plugs as I put them in my ear; trying to listen to some music so I don’t have to listen to Orihime’s babbling, no offense but she was really starting to get annoying.

I guess I have to get used to it.

But it’s going to be so hard though.

No matter how I tried to ignore Orihime by raising the volume of the music, I could still hear her voice. How loud is her voice, beaver dam!

That’s not all though, she continuously talked about this Ichigo. I don’t really know Ichigo but the name sounds really familiar. I laid my head on my desk as I tried not to fall asleep this time but knowing me I would fall asleep. My eyes were closed but not completely; I could still see Mr. Hans who had just turned around with an upset expression on his face.

“Orihime! Why don’t come to the front of the class and tell us what you are talking about!” He grumbled; his voice coating in sarcasm but I doubt Orihime noticed that.

“Oooh! What a good idea Mr. Hans” She cheered; jumping out of her seat.

Oh heaven no. Why Mr. Hans? Was it not bad enough that she was behind me chatting, now she’s going to be in front chatting? Ugh! Why Mr. Hans? Why?

Right now I wish the bell can ring.

Oh please let the bell ring!

Why won’t you ring bell?

Please for me! Ring already!

I started banging my head against my desk hoping the bell would ring as Orihime started to talk once more. Suddenly—the ceilings opened up and down came floating the goddess of the ancient past—no that’s not what happened but that seemed more interesting than my boring life. The bell rung as I jumped out of my seat; grabbing my gym bag. Hallelujah!