Dating the Son of Zeus *9*

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I saw her sitting the exact same way as last time. She had her back to me, and her ebony hair cascaded down her back, off setting the brilliant white of her robes. Walking closer the breeze picked up and wafted her honeysuckle scent through the air. I felt myself smiling before I ever saw her face. Sitting down beside her, she looked up to meet my eyes.

"I was wondering if I would be seeing you again," she said giving me a slight smile. I tried to decipher if she thought this was a good thing or not.

"And now that you have, are you happy?" I hoped silently that she would give me the answer I wanted.

"It's not exactly a bad thing," she said glancing back at the fountain. The smile that was spread across my face seemed to become even larger.

"So did you manage to get all of those books back to your, um, house?" I couldn't bring myself to call it an orphanage. I knew that she had opened up and told me, but it still killed me too much that she didn't have family and I couldn't bring myself to say it.

"Yes, though it would have been nice to have your super strength to help me carry it inside," she said with laughter. It felt wierd to have her talk about my ability without her knowing that she was. She joked about it but she didn't grasp that my strength really was one of my key powers. I only gave her a smile in return. After a comfortable moment of silence looking at the fountain, I finally broke it.

"Would you like to walk together again?" I asked standing.

She surprised me by shaking her head and standing as well. "You know I enjoy my dreams with you, but it's going to get pretty old pretty quick if all we ever do is walk around the garden." That one sentence had so many messages in it. She liked seeing me, and she thought of seeing me before she fell asleep. That thought alone was worth anything to me. But her hidden innuendo was as clear as the bright blue sky to me. I felt myself smirk and letting my body take control I found myself reaching for her. One hand grabbed hers to pull her closer, while with the other I gently traced my thumb over her jaw line, lightly tilting her head up to look at me. Without processing it first I said, "Well then, what more would you like to do?" Feeling her shiver under my touch I smiled. I was having an effect on her, and from the way she was leaning into my touch I knew it was a good one. I continued to trace her jaw, attempting to memorize the way it felt under my fingers, all the while I pulled her closer. I didn't really have to try too hard to pull her towards me. It was as if we were two magnets, our bodies did the work all on their own, we were just naturally drawn together. I felt electricity shoot through me as she placed her hands on my half exposed chest. It was as if her hands were fire and they seared my skin where she touched, but it was a pain that I could definitely come to enjoy. We continued to stare deep into each other's eyes, I was allowing myself to get lost in the depths of hers. It was really much too easy. Her midnight blue eyes seemed to want to swallow me whole, and I was only to willing to let them. We were mere inches from each other, our lips in danger of touching, when she seemed to snap out of the trance. Lightly pushing my chest, I took a dumbfounded step backwards. Her mood change was so sudden that it took me off guard. I watched her face as she took a deep controling breath before looking at me again. It was as if she was attempting to erase the moment we had just had, and replace it with the light hearted conversation we were having before.

"I didn't mean anything like that Hayden." Her smirk from earlier was back and it was extremely hard to not pull her back to where we were and finish closing the gap between us. Taking a deep breath myself I focused and looked back at her, trying not imagine myself running my fingers over her jaw and neck.

Putting a smile back on I said, "Okay then, what would you like to do?"

"I'm not sure. Anytime I dream of this place it's always just of the fountain. I know it's my dream but I can't really think of anything else." The idea came to me then.

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