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Everything hit me like a wrecking ball.

Including the actual wrecker's ball, which was aimed skillfully towards me.

My first instinct was to dodge, but chains stretched out my limbs, restraining my movements tightly. Unable to do anything, air choked out of my lungs as the heavy metal ball pushed into my gut, hitting the exact spot where I'd recently been forced to stab myself.

On the bright side, Team 7 would assume that I had stabbed myself to stop myself.

To save them.

They would assume I was the hero, so that when I escaped my captors, I would be welcomed back in the best views from everyone.

But first, I would have to escape.

Me sacrificing myself to save them? I almost laughed at the mere thought. But instead of laughter, uncontrollable coughs racked through my body as pain exploded in my abdomen. These people weren't playing around.

I gritted my teeth, dealing with it. This was nothing compared to what Ibiki had put me through... Ibiki... He was probably laughing his ass off about how I had "sacrificed' myself for my team.

Cause it was such a believable story.

I glanced up at my captors. They had caught me off guard, but now that I was awake, aware, and prepared, my brilliance would outshine both their dim witted heads put together.

There were two of them. A male and a female.

The man caught the metal ball that had bounced off my chest. His look wasn't sinister--more impatient, irritated, and sadistic. It was the woman who held power; her very presence influenced every action of the male captor. She blinked slowly, watching me as though I was nothing but a bug that had caught her interest, as though she had all the time in the world.

"Enough," The woman spoke for the first time, her sharp grey eyes piercing into my own. I refused to look away, to admit that weakness, and so raised an eyebrow instead: questioning, challenging.

The man grunted in displeasure. He enjoyed inflicting pain on others; a clear weakness to be manipulated. The woman shot him a sharp look, and he immediately smoothed his face of all emotion. Interesting.

Getting a read on these people was just too easy; they probably though that I was just some helpless genin, weak, naive. They had no idea just who they'd captured. Now I just had to figure out what they wanted with me, and then I could plan an efficient escape that would guarantee my freedom from these idiots.

I subtly tested the restraints the held me vulnerable to these people. They held easily, and I internally frowned to myself: there was no way I would escape these on my own. I could manipulate someone else into doing it for me, though. Perhaps if I feigned weakness from the torture, they would see no harm in releasing me.

"Child of Raidon," the man started. I perked my head up in confusion and interest.


"Silence," The woman commanded, shooting him another look before turning her superior gaze down on me. She was dangerous: her eyes caught even the slightest movement. "She is no one's child. She is no one. She is nothing. Do not dare interact with her as if she is. It will interfere with her training. She is a weapon, at our disposal. Treat her as such. Do I make myself clear?"

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