Prologue: The Bet 

You ever have one of those moments where you think  'This is not my life'? Yea this is one of those moments. How do I always get myself into these situations? This is going to end badly and I knew it, no amount of downy paper towels (you know, the quicker picker upper) is going to make this any better. This is going to blow up.
 I shook my head and stood at the end of the table. I watched as my brother and my best friend set up the game. I couldn't help the opening my brother gave me, I tossed the ping-pong ball at the back of his head and watched it bounce off and roll under the table. He looked at me under the brim of his hat and if looks could kill he would have obliterated me on the spot. Man was I glad superpowers didn't exist. 

I played along and pretended to shake in my boots at his lame attempt to scare me.
 "Ohhhh, I'm so scared big brother."  I giggled out at him. 

Let me give you a bit of background on the situation. My big brother was obsessively over protective of me. He was 20, Tall standing at 6'1 and he looked like our Dad.
 Blonde hair with light blue eyes...That mind you he uses to get girls.
 Such a womanizer!

 Me, I was 5'3, long dark almost black hair, with green eyes. I was about to turn 18 next week. I was excited because my parents finally let me come home from a boarding school across the country. I had spent the whole year trying to convince them to let me come home for my senior year. It didn't happen until Kevin promised to watch over me. It was summer and I wanted to have a little bit of fun, but due to his dumb ass promise to Mom and Dad he thought he had to be everywhere I was, when I left the house.

Don't get me wrong I love my brother and his friends, but it would be nice to make some friends of my own other than Megan.
But I, Eva Henderson, want a LIFE!
And with big brother always lurking around the corner, I can't. Do you know how annoying it is when you are at the mall and some random really HOT guy approaches you and he starts talking to you then the moment he begins to ask you out, here comes Godzilla and sidekick to shut the poor guy down. Or when you turn to walk in to Victoria Secrets there is always someone yanking you away telling you your too young to be going in there. I mean seriously I need undies and they have cute ones in there! COME ON!
It was like yanking teeth while performing major heart surgery just to get him to agree to let me come to this party. But I wasn't complaining too much yet. He was a little less crazy when he was drinking so I could get away with a lot more. 
 But this was about to define my senior year, and I had no idea until it was too late.
 Let's just say it's not at all what I expected.

I smiled at my best friend Megan who was setting up the last cup. Now you may be asking yourself right now what is so bad about an innocent game of beer pong? Well this challenge was between me and my brother and our best friends. There is only so many times you can insult your brother or his friends before shit starts to hit the fan. This is why I don't drink at these parties, my mouth takes on a mind of its own and gets my ass in the hot seat. I'm not saying I can't handle it, I'm just saying I hate it when I have to show my brother up....I hope.

When it gets to this point, where I take him up on a challenge, no matter the consequences is when I know I've had WAY too much to drink and I may be in trouble. 

"So what's the winner get again?" I asked picking up my drink. My brother Kevin looked at me with a sneaky grin. 
"Don't tell me you forgot baby sister? Or is your mouth bigger than your boots?" His words almost slurred together at the s's.
"No I just want to make sure you remember. Personally I would love it if you backed the hell off of my life and let me live it without you tainting my good time." I snipped back at him.

I took a drink and sat my cup back down as Megan joined me on my end of the table with a smirk of her own. We both know my brother and his best friend Luke were good but this was the first time they were challenged by girls. Hopefully they will get cocky and over think the game.

"LUKE, where are your balls?" Kevin yelled. 
The moment the words left his mouth and registered in my brain, I couldn't stop laughing. "Oh god, I didn't think I would ever hear my brother ask that. It's about time someone asked." I chirped between snickers. Megan handed me the ping pong ball I threw at Kevin. 
"Hey Luke your balls were found under the table.. guess that where they should be."  I yelled behind me.

 I knew Luke was there but I wasn't expecting him so close. 

"If you think that's all you will find under there stick around I'm sure I could surprise you." His voice was low but still was enough to send shivers down my spine. The big dumb jock shouldn't effect me so much but after spending the last 16 years with someone glued to your side you begin to notice little things. Luke was my big brothers best friend and I was the annoying little sister that was always around. Not by choice either, every time I tried to do something on my own one of them always tagged along making my life hell.

But this was the day my life began to change. This one challenge screwed up my whole life. 

Luke walked around and high-fived with my brother. "So let's make sure we have the wagers correct. You win, I back off. I win you do what I say no matter what it is for one week."  Kevin  reviewed sounding a little more sober than he was before.

 Oh shit, this may be harder than I thought. Both Luke and Kevin gave me a Wolfish grin. 

After 20 minutes we were tied with 2 cups left. I never thought it would come down to me and Luke but that's what it was and I had only one option. Play off of his animalistic instincts to throw him off. I took off the t-shirt I was wearing over my tight, black spaghetti strap tank top and pulled my hair up holding it in place with a pen. I rolled my body out in the most seductive way I could. His eyes narrowed and darkened from their normal bright playful green to a dark mysterious green. He crossed his arms and dropped his head shaking it in disbelief. I picked up the ball and took my shot making it in the cup with a small splash. Luke Nodded plucked the ball out of the cup and downed the drink in one swallow. 
"I'm going to put you out of your misery fast Short stack." Luke said with the same wolfish smile he gave me before.  He twirled 2 balls in his hand. "I miss both cups you win, I make both you lose." His voice was cocky. I nodded and he shot. 

Well shit, I thought, as a howl of laughter and cheers cut through the air. I was never a sore loser but this was going to be rough. I shook his hand and  gave a good game nod to my brother. 
"So Mr. Alpha, what is your first request of me?" I sighed.

Oh did I for get to tell you? We're werewolves. 

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