A trip back down memory lane. ch.14

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"Yes, Marie what can I do for you dear?" I smiled and nodded to the chair in front for her to sit. She walked to the chair and sat down.

"I'm know I souldn't be telling you this, but..." She drowned of with a look of embarrassment.

"What ever it is dear you can tell me, can't you?" I smiled at her honestly and in return she smiled.

"Well err-mm...., could you maybe get Flash to back off a little he keeps following me around the house?" She looked down again I smiled knowingly.

"I'll talk to him if you stay while I talk to him. Marie you know this houses secret don't you? what we are?" I looked at her. She looked at me and nodded.

"Yes Mrs. Ravencroft anyone in this house except us servants are werewolves isn't that right Mrs?" I smiled at her.

"How many times Marie I call you by your first name so you call me by mine." She smiled at me and nodded enthusiastically.

"But Mrs what is your name?" She asked honestly. I smiled,

"My names Clair dear." She nodded and said,

"Thank you Clair." I nodded and right then is when Rosa walked in holding Flash by his foot upside down.

"Thank you Rosa you can let him go now." She smiled at me evilly.

"That's the best news I've heard all day." Sam walked in with the others.

"What the best news you've heard all day?" He said she smiled at us and walked over to the  bin.

"This is." And she dropped Flash head first into the trashcan. She laughed like the little girl she once was. "oh and Sam were having... 4 babys that you are not knowing the sex because you wanted a surprise." She said smirking at him.

I smiled at her and waved her over to me. I sat her on my lap like she was a little girl again and started to plate her hair. She started to peer like a cat when I ran my fingers through her hair.

"Mama what's this about why did I need to carry the big lomax here? Oh is thid dad's new acount sheets he needs doing?" I smiled down at her even though shes got bigger she is still small enough to sit on my lap.

"Yes dear they are would you help me with them while I explain everything to you stupid big brother." I smiled when he groaned. He was always to slow to catch on it might have been from when he chewed the bars of his crib. Rosa pulled out a pen and started going through the acounts  while I explained.

"Rosa when you first saw Sam can you remember what you felt?" I looked at everyone in the room they were all smiling at her. I could see her blush.

"Yes, I felt like I was tired to something and it was pulling me towards him, Then I got the idea that it was his folt and called him a moron I went to unpack my things." I laughed at the down hearted look Sam got.

"Don't worry Sam it's the feeling I got with Rosy's Dad when I first meet him in romania. It must just run through are blood. We Ravencroft females don't like to be stuck to one person in the beginging. But we soon like the idea don't we Rosalinda?" She looked at me and nodded.

"Right well your brother is feeling the same thing for Marie here and won't tell her. He's just been following her around like a creep and creeping her out a little." Everyone gasped and Marie looked at Flash and darted from the room.

"Marie get back here and thats an order." I looked down to see Rosa with a look of pure anger on her face. Marie silently walked back into the room with her head down. Rosa got up and went over and hugged her, she whispered something in her ear no one could hear what it was. Marie nodded at what ever Rosa said, Rosa smiled gave her one last hug and wen over to Flash. She punched him in his gut and screamed at him,

"You stupid, arrogent, moron, why didn't you just tell her shes not like me you now. She shy so she wont hurt you like I just did. Know you say sorry to her before I do something we will all regret." She was red in the face until Flash walked over to Marie and said what I never thought he would ever say,

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you Marie." We all gasped. Rosa nodded like a happy pregnant woman and came to sit on my lap again. She rested her arm's on the table,

"Now kiss and make up. And thats an order Flash." She didn't have to say it twice before he was kissing Marie like the world was going to end.

"Now get a room prefably not any pregnant females room." Rosa smiled when he walked out.

"How?" Sam was the first to ask.

"When I was whispering to Marie I told her to do as I said otherwise I might go into labor at any second. Then when I was yelling at Flash I had hold of his delicate area so he had to do as I said for the futurn of children. What can I say, When your pregnant you get away with a lot of things. Like dropping his toothbrush down the toilet and putiing it back for him to use." She looked so innocent that we all burst out laughing.

"Know that would be my babie neice." I turned to see my sister gemma and her two son's standind at the door. Me and Rosa jumped up and ran to them laughing wrapping them all in a hug sqealing.

"Rosa I want my eardrum and my mate probably does to." She laughed at her cousins. She walked over to Sam and pulled him over with the others she said,

"Guys this would be my aunt Gemma and her Son's Jerry and Lucka. Lucka, Jerry, Gemma, thiss is my mate Sam and a few of our friends Jemma and Taylor, Charlotte and Mitch, and last but not least Dinex and Becci. BTW they are all mates and all us girls are pregnant, so if were cranky stay out the way or give us your food simple." They all started laughing as Sam wrapped an arm around her protectivly. I looked over at all the girls they seemed half asleep even Rosa.

"Gemma if you don't mind I think its time we all get so sleep so we can start bright and early in the morning." I smiled and lead everyone to there rooms at the pack house I left Rosa at her house for the night and headed back to my house with Gemma and the boys to visit my husband. They are most likely only going to stay at the pack house until after the babies are born anyway because I can see the boys are already getting protective over the girls. I told Gemma the arrangements and she agreed that the boys should stay away aswell as the boys did too. That night I rang Rosalinda to say goodnight and I never though I 'd hear her say they magic words.

"I forgive you moma love you see you tomorrow." She hung up the phone afterwards. And for once In almost three years. I slipped of into a dreamless sleep.


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