A trip back down memory lane. ch.14

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Hay guys 14Th chappy got to say its been a little longer than i expected for the Internet to come back on and its still a little dodgy at the moment so I cant always upload everyday hope you enjoy .

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God I can't tell you how quick this week has gone, 8 more days and I get to hold my babies. I just want to start my family right this minute I'm tired of waiting for them to be here.

I was lying on my bed staring at the ceiling, I couldn't tell how long I've been lying here. I came up here this morning after Sam left with the boys to get food; because us pregnant, hormonalfemales have eaten all the food. Yer, all us females were at my house till the boys had the houses fixed up for there mate's. It's been 6 days and the boys have one house left to finish and that would be mine, hence why the girls are staying until the houses are finished. The doctor is coming to see me In less than an hour. He told me this time I could hear my babies heart beats and tell what there sex is, which i'm dieing to find out Sam wanted it to be a surprise but he soon came around after a few fake tears. I'm evil I know but I really want to have a little girl.

Not that it mattered if I had all boys I just want a baby girl so I can dress her in all little dresses, make her prom dress for her, have a mother daughter bond that I use to have withmy mum. Speaking of my mum, since I took over the role of Alpha me and my mom have been inseparable we do everything together literally everything. We even go take naps at the same time so when we wake up were together. We take none stop about babies, dad has even handed over his study so we can spend time together. Like yesterday we went through baby photos of me and flash that I never knew we had. I guess what i'm trying to do is repair the bridge that I once torn down between us. Instead of going to school me and all the girls are being private tutored by my mum and dad. Yes they are teachers as well as full time parents.

I was getting lessons in Alpha 101 by dad and science history and math by him as well. Mom was teaching me languages (Romanian) cookery, dance, drama and music. The worst part was that I probably wouldn't ever see my home town again I lived in Romania till I was nine. I can never recall the name of the little town I just knew it was near a place called Deva. I remember the warm weather and all the blue Sky's. I remember visiting my aunt one year before a pack challenged my father i've never wanted to go back till today. Maybe me and the girls could go there after the babies are born. I drifted asleep thinking of the place I once called home.


Clair pov (Rosalinda's mum)

ino guys but it had to be done.

 Seeing Rosalinda like I once did has made a change to me. I don't really know how its like I have my little girl back. I'm regretful that now I have her back I have to give her away so she an grow up. But she's still my little girl I'm not ready for her to leave.

I've been sitting at this desk since Rosa went to take a nap, just looking at things. Just looking at how much I missed in her life. I didn't know she was even mated until last week. I didn't even know she just wanted me to love her till last week. And for that to happen I must be a terrible mother. I sat there blaming her for her brothers death when It was my folt she ran in the first place. I always tort my children that if there's more than one you run and get someone. But by teaching them that meant losing one child I guess it was something they had to risk. But for me to abandon my daughter for my mistake I guess the only thing to do is to make it up to her now.

"Mrs. Ravencroft?" There was a knock at the door, Marie one of Rosa's house keepers walked in. I wouldn't call them house keepers I'd call them friends because that's what we all are really.

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