Meeting Dan and Phil

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Chp 2: Meeting Dan and Phil

A/N: Ahaha, since this is a READER insert, so I obviously put myself as the reader as I'm writing it and rereading it, so if some parts that show the reader's personality don't apply to you, I'm super sorry T^T Those traits most likely apply to me so I'm very sorry in advance! I hope you forgive me! *bows sheepishly* Sumimasen, reader-san! (NOTE: Sumimasen means sorry in Japanese O^O I'm weeb shit I'm sorry)

You arrived at school with an emotionless expression on your face. When people stopped to say, "I heard your parents died in a car crash, I'm sorry!" or "Hey, what happened?" you would just shoot them a glare. You usually weren't this rude and you knew it was wrong to do that, but now you didn't care.

Entering Science class, you took your seat behind your best friend, Matt Emerson, and started staring at the back of his head for no reason.

He slowly turned around and spoke, "Hey [y/n], I can feel your eyes burning holes in the back of my head, dude," He laughed a little.

You shot a glare at him, "Does it look like I actually care, Emerson?"

He widened his eyes a little bit, but didn't dare say anything else and turned back around, facing the front of the room.

Class started and the teacher, Mrs. Scott told the class, "Okay class! Take out your homework and pass it to the person in the front of your row!"

The class complied with her request and she collected the papers, looking through all of them.

"Ah," She spoke, "[y/n], you didn't answer the last question, 'What is one difference between animal cells and plant cells.'"

You looked up, your [e/c] eyes striking a little bit of fear in her, "I apologize, Mrs. Scott. I did not have enough time."

Secretly, the teacher's favourite student was you, so she gave you a chance to regain the points lost from your unanswered question.

"Uhm, Miss [l/n], I'll give you a chance to win back those points lost by answering this question; what is the mitochondria?"

You quickly responded, "The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell."

The class and the teacher were all shocked, Mrs. Scott hadn't taught this yet.

You merely shrugged and went back to staring down at your desk.

{Time Skip brought to you by Phil's striking blue eye O^O}

After school, you walked out of the main entrance to find your aunt leaning against her car in the parking lot. You checked the time on your watch; 3:07 PM.

You sighed and walked over to the Mini Cooper, "What are you doing here?" you asked her monotonously.

Aunt Helen rolled her eyes, "I'm here to pick you up, you poor excuse of a kid. Get in the passenger seat, and put your bag in the back." She walked to the front of the car to go sit in the driver's seat.

You did as she said and put your bag in the back and sat in the front seat.

Once you closed the door your aunt started blabbering, "You know, I don't even know why you go to this school! Isn't this school for kids with high marks? Hah! I bet you don't even have anything higher than a B minus!"

'She doesn't know anything about you [y/n],' You told yourself, 'Just play some music.'

You put on your headphones and started playing some music until you got to your house.

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