True or Dare with the creepypasta's! *Intro*

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Saki: Hmmmm… *thinking*

Slendy: What are doing Saki? o.O

Saki: Ermm…thinking…

Jeff: Thinking about what?

Saki: Well…I want to try on doing a True or Dare with the Creepypasta’s

Slendy: True or Dare!!!? Oh no!! Please not that!! Please!! I’m begging you!! T-T

Saki: Huh? Why not?

Sally: True or Dare!! :D


Jeff: HaHaHaHaHa!! Slendy just scared doing it! 

Slendy: I’m Not SCARED!! Beside I know Masky, Hoody, Jane, Ben, and Jack  wouldn’t agree on it!

Jane: I think this should be fun. Having a talk with our readers will be fun.

Slendy: Jane Noo!!!! 

Masky & Hoody: Let’s go with it!! >:D

Slendy: What the fuck Masky!! Hoody!! 

Ben: Does this True Or Dare have fan girls!! 

Saki: Errr…I dunno…maybe….i guess…if you have one…. >. > 

Ben: I’m IN! 

Slendy: Noooooooooo~ O[]O 

Jack: I’ll play if you give me a treat… o.o

Saki: Deal!!! *shake jack's hand* 

Slendy: *passed out* 

Saki: What is wrong with Slendy? 

Jeff : His afraid playing True or Dare. But for me I always loved true or dare. Come on reader’s! Give me your best shot!

Saki: But…

Jane: But?

Saki: I’m post it… o.o”

Sally: Whyyy~? O.o

Saki: Well, I wonder if there any respond or anything….hmm…that’s the problem… *thinking* 

Jeff: Let’s just try and we see  >:D. If no respond…I just go make them Go To Sleep.

Saki: You dare touch them…I’m going to fucking kill you…. =_=* 

Jeff: *shut his mouth* =X

Jane: Let’s just try and see and look for any creepypasta fans out there :D 

Saki: Well…alright! Let’s try! *ahem* Hello reader’s! Me and the Creepypasta family want to play with you. The game is True or Dare with the Creepypasta family!  To all Creepypasta fans, every readers!, My beloved reader’s!! The game is simple. Just ask anyone in creepypasta family (ask anyone that is in this conversation but except me xD) your dare and they to do it! If questions they have to answer it truthfully! 

Slendy: *awake from his consciousness* Waaaaaaiiiiiittt!!! What…do…you….mean….”except me!?”

Saki: Errr…uhmmm…well…except me of course…I guys be playing it and I don’t but I will be reading the comments. ^_^” 

Slendy: You make the game! You better fucking participating in it! D:<

Saki: Wha- what..what!? Whyy? Nooooo!!!! O[]O