School's Out

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The sound of my alarm clock pulls me from my sleep, signaling the start of my day. I roll over, slapping the clock to shut it off. I groan as I roll out of bed and trudge my way to the bathroom to get ready for my last day of classes. I can't believe my freshman year at Tisch is coming to an end.

As I'm rinsing the face wash off my phone rings from the other room. 'Hey I just met you and this is craaazy but here's my number so call me maybe.' I grab a towel off the rack and run to answer it.

"Good morning lover." I roll my eyes as my best friend speaks cheerfully on the other end.

"Why are you awake?" I groan and flop back on my bed. I was half way done and now I'm not sure if I'm going to get back out of bed.

"I had some stuff to do." Is her reply.

"At four in the morning?" I question.

"Yeah." She says quickly. "So how happy are you to be coming back to California tomorrow?" She asks and I can hear the smile in her voice.


"Come on, Spence!" She half shouts. How can she possibly be so up right now when it's only four in the morning there? "On a scale of one to ten?"

"A four." I reply non-nonchalantly, sighing as I glance over at the clock. If I don't get dressed now, I'm gonna be late.

"A four!" She yells. "A frickin' four! Are you kidding me?"

"Lex, I need to get ready for class." I groan, rolling off my bed onto the floor with a loud mmph.

"Did you just fall?" She asks, chuckling a bit.

"I'm leaving now." I drawl out.

"No no, don't leave me." She whines.

"Going, going, gone." I say then hang up before she could reply. As I go to toss my phone on the bed it rings, I look at the caller ID and see Carmen's name. "Great." I sigh out. "Just what I need." I hit the ignore button, toss my phone on the bed and crawl to the bathroom to finish getting ready.


"Final day of class, are you excited chica?" Madison asks, as we walk to class together. She met me at my dorm after I finished getting ready. I swear on three or four occasions I just thought about skipping, but quickly decided against it, not wanting to hurt my perfect 4.0 GPA.

"Definitely." I reply as I clutch my Art and War, Theater Matters and Visual Thinking textbooks closer to my chest. "How many more finals do you have today?"

She rolls her eyes and shrugs, "Too many." Is her reply.

"No one told you to double major, Madison." I retort as I stop to readjust my load. "Tisch is hard enough without putting that extra pressure on yourself."

"Thank you, mother Carlin." She replies in a sarcastic tone.

"What am I, a nun?" We both chuckle. "But I'm just saying though." I shrug.

"Ladies, ladies." Where are we headed in such a hurry?" Aiden asks as he walks up behind us.

"Class, duh." Madison replies with a smirk as Aiden rolls his eyes at his girlfriend, slipping an arm around her as he bends down and kisses her.

"Enough with the lovey dovey stuff." I make a fake gag sound and speed up my pace.

"Don't be mad at us that you broke up with your girlfriend." Madison tells me as they catch up to me.

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