Chapter 13

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"You're crazy" Zayn shrugged as he watched his best friend paint Tyler's belly.

"Suck it" Lauren retorted, "She'll love it and plus it gives me something to do. It got boring back home alone."

"You're so lame." Zayn shook his head, seeing Teagan smile back up at him. "And her eyes look like mini versions of yours."

"I'm glad. The signature Jauregui genes have to be passed down." Lauren proudly said. "Alright, he's finished."

The two snuck the twins over to the side of the school, where Camila's class is located. Lauren knew that Mr. Colton already hated her since he was the cliche nerd back in his time and she was the football captain, but she didn't care.

Lauren caught sight of her fiancee working quietly on her exam. She didn't recognize many of her classmates, since it was one of the hardest AP classes in the school.

"She's such a nerd," Lauren smiled to herself. "Alright on three just hold them up. Ready?"

"If I get expelled it's all your fault, but okay" Zayn answered, ready in his position.

"One.. Two.. Three!" Lauren said, now knocking on the window.

From inside, Camila heard little hits against on the glass next to her. She nearly jumped out of her seat at the sight of her kids being held up, but couldn't help but die over how cute their little clueless smiles were. Teagan and Tyler were both in their diapers with painted stomachs that read 'Hi' and 'Mommy'. 

"I'm going to kill her," Camila muttered under her breath and Ally chuckled to herself. 

"Cabello! Get back to work!" Her teacher yelled before closing the blinds. 


The two last months of their senior year was full of fun goofy moments like this. 

First was Prom, which was the epitome of a perfect night. It was probably one of the best memories that they will all forever cherish. Dancing the night away with endless photos, and even attending the after-party with the rest of their classmates full of alcohol was something to never forget. 

Senior goodbye rallies, senior photos, and other events made the last two months of their high school careers bittersweet.

The group spent every moment they could together, going on mini-road trips or even just staying at someone's house for a movie night. Everyone took care of the little Cabello-Jauregui's as they hyped up the thoughts of the wedding finally set in August before they officially part ways for college. 

The girls started planning the bachelorette party and even went looking around for bridesmaids dresses. The guys on the other hand, relaxed with Lauren spit balling ideas about their party. They decided on the cliche Las Vegas, but Camila shot it down immediately.

 As graduation came around the corner, the entire group spent weekends together at the beach. Everyone knew that they had a whole summer together, but the thought of having to say goodbye to their kingdom called high school, was heart breaking. 

"Man Mahone, you look like you're going to cry." Zayn teased the boy who sat alone in front of the bonfire. "What's up dude?"

"This year's been insane." Austin shrugged as everyone know turned their attention to the two, "I can't really imagine what it's going to be like having all of us separated."

"Don't worry Austin," Ally commented as she snuggled into Troy. "We're all going to be back here. Every holiday like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, or whatever. We're all going to be right where we are."

"Through every little thing we've been through we somehow made it back together. No doubt will we do it again." Lauren spoke up before kissing the top of her girlfriends head. 


The day of their graduation were full of endless tears of joy. Four years of pointless homework, impossible tests, and stupid drama were finally over

As the students' graduation caps were thrown in the air, everyone felt a weight being lifted off of their shoulders. This moment marked the start of adulthood. 

"Congratulations, Class of 2015." Their Principal announced as the large audience clapped and raided the football field.

"Baby!" Camila jumped into her fiancees arms, hugging her like a koala before kissing her endlessly. "We did it!"

"We did it," Lauren spoke out, feeling a tear about to role down her cheek because of how happy she was. "I fucking love you, you know that?"

"You better," Camila winked playfully. 

The green eyed girls family eventually came up to the group after their emotional celebration. Camila and Lauren both ran to give the Jauregui family tight hugs, before taking their babies and including them in the 'party'. 

Confetti fell from the sky and everyone couldn't help but fall in love with Teagan and Tyler and the way their eyes brightened at the beautiful sight of happiness all around. 

"This is it," Camila muttered before kissing the taller girl. 

"You, me, and the kids against the world now." Lauren smiled, "We got this baby." 


A/N: Sorry for the short update, I really didn't know how to continue on with this story lol. Should I add an epilogue of the crew in college or as full on adults? Or should I make an actual sequel to the story? 


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