Dirty Niall Imagine for Mikayla

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He chuckles before speaking again. "I asked if you wanted to dance." He smiles.

"Oh...yeah, babe. Let's go," I agree, smiling back at him as he takes my hand, leading the way.

I can't help but smile even wider at the eruption of fireworks that runs through my body once his hands place themselves on my waist. I bring my arms up and hang them freely on his shoulders.

"So," He starts off. "I take it that you told Danielle we'd be at her party too?" He asks, looking into my eyes.

"Yeah?" I furrow my eyebrows at his disappointed mood. "Do you not want to go or something?" I ask him.

"No, it's not that," He says. "I just thought we would go back home, and you know...have a little party of our own." He winks at me, causing my stomach to flip.

"Oh yeah?" I ask him, seeing his eyes dilate slightly at the use of my low voice. "What kind of party?" I ask him, pretending to be clueless.

"The kind that might result in babies if we aren't careful," He says in a low voice as well.

"Hm, I might be up for it," I say. "too bad we already have plans," I say, teasing him.

"Well...maybe we can make a little detour?" He tell me, his hands starting to roam.

"I dunno..." I say, pretending to think it over.

"Well good thing I tend to be very...." His hands stop once they're on my bum. "persuasive," He whispers in my ear, squeezing my bum slightly.

My body stiffens at his dominating demeanor. He knew exactly what he was doing and much to his liking, it was getting me turned on.

"That you can," My breathe fans his face as I lean in to kiss him.

"Oh no you don't!" A voice interrupts us.

Niall groans and I let out a sigh as we turn over to look at the douche who interrupted.

"Really, Louis?" I say, a little pissed.

"Look, love, we all know where that leads. We saw the looks you were giving each other," He scolds us.

"You just wait until the next time you make a move on Eleanor," I said to him, narrowing my eyes.

NIall and Louis continue talking as Liam and Danielle thank people for coming as the ball room empties.

Wow, when did the song even end?

Louis says something to Niall before walking off, leaving Niall and I.

"So what do you say? Let's make a little detour, then meet them at Liam's house?" Niall asks, bringing his lips to my neck.

"Fine, but we have to leave now," I whisper in his ear.

"Why?" He asks, pulling back and looking into my eyes.

"Because I am so turned on right now."


Niall gets us out of the building and to our house within record time.

The second we step foot in our house, my lips go for his neck. My lips roam the skin there before stopping a few centimeters under his ear. I lick the spot, earning a groan from him.

We've done this way to many times and I already memorize where his sweat spots are. I start sucking on the spot as he lets out a throaty moan, that just gives me more motivation.

Once I finish off, I let out a warm breath on the sensitive spot. He lets out a shaky breath as I feel him bulging out of his pants.

"Someone's a little eager...aren't they?" I breath out before smirking as I place a flat hand on his chest and slowly start trailing down.

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