The Alpha's Daughter - Chapter 35

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Note to self; don’t argue with the Alpha this close to Full Moon. It hurts like a bitch. A whole frigging week and I was still healing; my neck would open every time I turned my head, a great thing when you were trying to watch lassies who were walking past yeh.

But seriously though, I’d never taken this long to heal, even with Cathy poking and prodding in all the wounds, they were still bleeding and still weeping. The guy needed to got to anger management or something, because I don’t think my bones could take much more.

I watched the house, yawning. I wanted to go back to the house and sleep for a couple of hours. My bones ached and my head was thumping. It didn’t really help that full moon had completely taken it out of me.


I groaned inwardly as I heard Dante strolling towards me, the smell of rot becoming more apparent in the air. Learn. To. Shower. Best three words of advice I could give the guy. It was bad enough that he was a grumpy bastard with rank breath; he could dilute the problem by nipping into the shower once and a while.

What? I sighed, leaning against a tree. If he was about to batter me for something, I wasn’t going to be able to get up again.

What’s going on in that house? He demanded, stopping in front of me. I lazily cast an eye over the house, my eyebrow raising. To tell or not to tell; that was the question.

“Nothing much,” I lied. “Someone went for a shower, someone had a leak, someone else if getting a nice long fu-” Hands wrapped around my throat and I was thrust up against the tree, so hard that bits of bark flaked off into my hair.

“Tell me the truth,” he snarled, his grip getting the tighter. The wee voice in my head, the one that evidently wanted me to get the shit beaten out of me, squeaked, “You can’t handle the truth!”

I sighed.

“She’s had her baby,” I muttered, feeling like a complete arse. Dante’s face lit up, his lip twisting into a smirk as he too, looked at the house. I rolled my eyes, feeling his hold on me loosen slightly.

“Guess we’ll be payin’ a wee visit to the happy parents,” he murmured, letting me drop to my feet. I groaned, sinking down on the ground as all of my bones throbbed. I needed a day off from this, or a holiday. Bleeding Nessa, this just wasn’t my week.

“Can we no’ leave it for another week?” I asked, looking up at him. “I think my hip needs to re-grow.”

In reply, he kicked me in the groin, causing me to double over in pain. Nice, nothing but pure loveliness, this guy. I thought about getting up to stop him from being such a, well, wanker, but I couldn’t do it; all these beatings had left me sore and unable to do much apart from walk.

So I lay on the ground, listening to his wee plans ticking about in his head. Some of them were pretty sick, and the others were really actually quite wrong. Eventually I tuned up, staring up at the sky. It was going to rain. It was going to piss down on everyone and I was going to laugh. Why? Because I could.

Because I fucking could.


I wasn’t going to admit it to anyone, because that would mean I was wrong about something. I wasn’t about to announce that I was converted from the ranks of child hating, because I definitely wasn’t.

But this kid was pretty sweet.

She was staring up at me with these huge grey eyes, surrounded by the longest lashes I had ever seen in my life. Her hair stuck up, just like a Knight’s, in soft, dark curls. Okay, I admitted defeat; I was just going to have to be the only Knight with ginger hair. Ah well; we were a rare breed.

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