Aaliyah's Pov

"Alright class I just wanted to say a last few words." Mrs. Clark spoke as she started to get emotional. I rolled my eyes and I'm sure a few other classmates did the same. Mrs. Clark was always emotional, now that it was the last day of school she was worse than ever.

"I'm going to miss you guys so so much," She took a deep breath and I huffed blowing a curl out of my face as I slouched my head on my hand. "I hope you all become successful men and women. Have a great summer break, don't get into too much trouble." She wiped a tear and I stood up as soon as the bell rang, booking it out of the classroom.

I grabbed my bag from my locker and walked towards the front of the school. I smiled as I spotted Justin's car. He insisted on picking me up from school because he had something 'special' planned. I climbed into the black Range Rover and smiled brightly at Justin. "Hey baby girl, how was your last day of school?" He pecked my cheek and I continued to smile like an idiot. You see Justin and I are best friends but people always mistake us for a couple.

I'm five years younger, I see him as an older brother, that's all.

"It was boring, just like any other day. Mrs. Clark droned on and on, all she does is cry." I complained and Justin chuckled.

"Yeah she was so annoying when I was there. Well on the bright side we're going to a party tonight." I went to protest because of my mom but Justin beat me to it, "your mom said it's fine because it's the last day of school." Justin assured and I sucked in a breath.

"I have nothing to wear though." I frowned as I pulled my legs up onto the seat crossing them, Indian style.

"Don't worry, we're going shopping first." Justin explained and I sighed, he spoils me.

"I'm not even going to try and argue with you." I shrugged and he nodded in approval.

"Good, because you know I'll win." He smirked and we drove off.

We arrived at the mall near Justin's apartment and I climbed out of the parked car walking beside Justin as we made our way into the mall. Justin grabbed my hand holding it as we walked through the mall. A few guys Justin's age stared me down and Justin glared at them. They didn't get the hint and continued staring as I grew uncomfortable.

"Let's go into this store." I led Justin into American Apparel and went over to the dresses. "I like this one." I said holding it up. It was just a simple white dress with black polka dots but it was cute. (the dress is the picture above or to the side.)

"Well then get it." He smiled pulling on my hand but I didn't move as I read the tag.

"Justin it's $45.00 for a simple dress." I pouted and went to put it back but he grabbed it.

"Anything for my princess." Justin smiled and my shoulders slumped.

"You don't have to buy it Jay." I tugged on his shirt as he placed the dress on the counter.

"I know, but I want to." He replied as he pulled out a 50 dollar bill and told the cashier to keep the change before walking out of the shop, his hand in mine again. We made our way to the food court. Once again I noticed guys staring at me and Justin's hand stiffened before I felt his lips on my cheek.

"Jealous are we?" I smirked and Justin shook his head keeping his face close to mine as we walked. I felt his smile on my cheek and I giggled. "Of course you are." I always teased him by saying he was jealous but I knew he was just over protective... in a boyfriend type of way, that's besides the point.

I don't understand why he acts like he's my boyfriend, maybe that's just him being brotherly? Okay I'm making no sense whatsoever.

"What would you like to eat?" Justin asked when we walked into the food court.

I looked around when a certain logo caught my eye.

"Definitely, Taco Bell."

• • •

First chapter! It probably sucks and is really short but these chapters are probably going to be short and there will be a bunch of chapters :):):)

Okay so to clear this up Aaliyah just got out of ninth grade and Justin is going into college after summer break. He took a year off before like... idk man I'm not in college I don't know how it works to be honest. But I guess I would say he took a year off before starting college, duh. Wow I need to get with the program.

Also Aaliyah is mixed (African American) you can choose how you would like her to look although I might describe her face. You can only see the back of the girl in the cover I did that on purpose! I'm not even sure if she's mixed but just pretend she is. She also has naturally curly hair but it's straightened in the cover. Okay I'm rambling!

Oh and one more thing! I know the story is called Minor Niner and Aaliyah just got out of grade nine so just to clear that up, its a saying meaning she's just basically out of Justin's league lol.

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