Chapter 13

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*Jiya Pov*

During the whole prayer, I just sat there staring at her photo asking her why did she leave everyone who really loves her so much.

'I know it is not your fault to leave this world, but you wanted to before that right?' I asked her in my mind.

'I wish you were here B. I just really wish.' I said, gripping my wrist.

"Jiya!" I felt someone shaking me, and I shook my head and glanced up to see Mr.Mehra.

I got up and walked towards her photo and placed my hand on it. I closed my eyes and asked 'Why did you leave me Bhabhi?'

I walked inside the room given to me and sat on the bed, leaning to the head board. I closed my eyes and rubbed my forehead again, feeling the same headache.

"You are not going on the trip." Mom said for the hundredth time.

"But why? In a year, the college will be over, and I want to spend some free time with my friends going to this trip." I said frowning.

"Sahil said it is not good for girls to go on these trips." She said and walked outside.

"Is this your revenge?" I asked him knocking on his door continuously.

"Yes! You just stopped Dad from buying me a sports car by asking your birthday gift for some stupid car." He replied opening the door.

"You will pay for this." I threatened him and he just walked away smirking.

Then I heard a beep sound and walked inside to see his phone on the bed. This is my time to smirk looking at the call from someone called 'Durga'.

He is dead! I considered and lifted it, saying, "Hello!"

"Who is this?" That girl asked.

"You are the one who called, and you are asking me that question." I replied and chuckled.

"Is this Sahil's phone?" She asked.

"Yes!" I replied, sitting on his bed.

"Who are you?" She again asked.

"Do you live in Palghar?" I asked her back.

"Yes!" She replied.

"Ok! Meet me in the café which is near to the big mall." I said and gave the address properly.

I got off the phone and walked outside his room still holding his phone. I reached the café ignoring all the calls he is getting.

And then called her to which she immediately lifted, letting me know where she is sitting. I waved to her and sat in front of her grinning, but she just frowned at me.

"So?" I asked her smiling.

"So?" She asked back confused.

"Tell me something about yourself. He didn't tell me that he has a girlfriend." I replied.

"How do you know I am his girlfriend and who are you?" She asked frowning more.

"I heard the jealousy in your voice, and I am his sister." I replied and she just stared at me in shock.

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