She got it

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I decided to do all 3 Enjoyy!!

Lucas pov

She has everything a guy wants in a girl.
beautiful looks,
Perfect body,
And very nice.

She just got that thing to make a nigga go crazy .Too bad she doesn't want me. Im the nerd type. And Yn is a popular Cheerleader who's dating the best football player in all of the high schools in town. Did I mention her boyfriend Derick bullies me for no apparent reason. He never does it in front of her though.

Yn pov

I was beyond pissed right now my car wont start and Im gonna be late to school.

Text mode

Me - Bae ?

Derick - Wassup , Wya ?

Me - Im not coming today my stupid ass car won't start.

Derick - Catch the bus.

Me - The bus is miles from my house and you know this.

Derick - Okay , Ill see you later. Love you.

Me - Okay Love you too.

Text mode over

I took my shoes off and set my bag down and turned the tv on. Then there was a knock on the door. I looked out the window to see who it was. It was my big brother. Hes 25.

Adrian - Why you not in school ?

Me - my car wont start .

Adrian - Want me to take you?

Me - YES !! *rushes to get your shoes on*

Adrian - Wtf bruh. Any regular teenager would rather stay home .. But you want to go to school ... Weirdo

Me - I hate school. But as soon as you miss a day everything happens. Like 16 fights. Your teachers are absent. And a power outage.

Adrian - You got that one.

He drove me to school and I signed in. I heard someone get slammed into the lockers. I seen Derick pinning this dude who's in my math class Lucas to the lockers. And punched him in the face 3 times. I was just shocked. Lucas is a very nice kid. He's very quiet. He keeps to himself. And if anyone needs help with work he is willing to help them. So I dont understand why he's hitting Lucas like that.

Lucas pov

He kept hitting me for no reason. Im guessing he got bored and this is what he does for fun. I seen Yn out the corner of my eye then he punched it so hard that my vision blurred so I can only see her body figure. Then she screamed derricks name and he dropped me to the ground and I covered my face. I didnt want my crush to see me like this. She kept yelling at him and he was quite. Im surprised no one came to see what was up. Pretty soon he walked off and she walked towards me. She started asking a million questions. But I didnt answer any of them. She stared at me for a while and bit her lip nervously. She looked around to see if any school security was around then she pulled me up. And started walking to the nearest exit. And she told me to run. So we both ran. She guided me to a park near our school. She sat me down on a bench. And she stared at me.

Yn - Why did he do this ?

I was looking at my feet as I shook my head and shrugged my shoulders.

Yn - Look at me .. Its okay . I dont bite.

Yn pov

He looked at me and revealed his busted lip bruised cheek and swollen black eye.

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