The Sunrise Of Our Love

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"I don't wish to see a storm after all this." Ciel said as he gently placed his hand on top of Sebastian's hand. Sebastian gently smiled and looked at the sunrise, squeezing Ciel's hand ever so gently.

A light blush formed on Ciel's cheeks as he was about to say something but was cut off by his butlers gentle smile. "What are you looking at?" Ciel asked and looked to see where Sebastian was looking at. "The sunrise. Isn't it beautiful?" Sebastian replied. Ciel scoffed and looked to the side. "It's just a sunrise." Ciel said in a boring tone.

Sebastian turned Ciel's head to look at him, causing Ciel to gently gasp. "It may be just a sunrise, but you with me feels more than just a sunrise." Sebastian finished with a gentle kiss. Ciel's eyes widen in surprise but slowly started to close his eyes as he started to kiss him back, secretly savoring the kiss .

After a few minutes, Sebastian pulled away with a gentle smile "maybe when we get home I could make you feel hotter than the sun." Sebastian smirked. "Oh shut up!" Ciel said and looked away, hiding his obvious ruby red blush.

Sebastian chuckled and looked at the sunrise again. "Yes my lord."

I hope you liked it! ^.^

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