Callums P.O.V

------------ x --------------

I paced around my office and sighed. I looked around at the chaos i caused to my own property damn girl. I had tore apart books, pages were scattered across the floor i had smashed the desk chair into pieces and then threw my desk out the window. I groaned it wasn't about the money off replacing it because money really just didn't mean anything to me anymore it was how crazy that silly girl was making me.

A knock on the door got me out of my inner thought. "Intrude" i spoke with authority.

Daniel one of favourited vampire guards walked in and bowed he looked around the room eyes widening "Sir? how did things go with Kit, is it her?"

I closed my eyes pinching the top of my nose in frustration "Yes its her, shes my soul mate, prophecy girl all of the above"

"Then whats wrong sir?" he asked confusion clouding his face

"Daniel she said she would never accept me as her soul mate ever there is 3 months til she is 18 and not much longer until everything is decided because of her we don't have time for this" anger bubbling in my throat

"Sir sit down so we can actually talk this through" Daniel has always been my voice of reason for that i always held his prescence highly and as a friend.

I slumped down onto the couch while Daniel went to the phone "Bring a slave up with 5 bottles of vodka"

I smiled at the thought of alcohol "I'm not gonna drink all that"

He smirked "Not all for you beside after 10 bottles and your still barely drunk beauty of vampire drink tolerance"

"Still i shouldn't drink to much at times like this"

"Since when did you turn sensible" Daniel laughed i narrowed my eyes at him which stopped his laughter "Did you see the way she fought she took on Lila like it was nothing i would find it hard taking on Lila on a bad day"

"I know and shes not a full vampire yet" i muttered still amazed by everything that happened today

"Are you sure shes not a full vampire and only dhampir like all the others?"

"No i gave her the same small dose of blood like everyone here, she doesn't have blood thirst, shes not got vampire speed fast, her senses haven't heightened to any great extremes, shes alot stronger I'll give you that one and she could sense the bond between us even if shes choosing to deny me"

"It's so strange" Daniel murmured in thought

"Is it really? i mean she is prophecy girl" i stated

"True Callum whatever you do, don't tell her about the prophecy before she turns 18 it will screw up everything"

"I know that" I growled he was treating me like an idiot "Have you heard anything from the southern side"

"They obviously know about the institute and and how we have found our way around not drinking human blood because it kills them law they also know we have all pledged our alligiance to you as our king of darkness right now there recruiting they can overtake us in numbers but not in skill were also stronger because were feeding on human blood there were rumours they were going to attack soon until they faced the problem we are housing dhampirs and alot of the vampires wouldn't have self-control around them and there would end up being a massacre" he laughed at the victory

"That doesn't mean they won't eventually attack keep the guards trained and fed send the dhampirs out on more missions blind them lie to them get them wanting revenge on anyone just keep them fed does the southern side now about Kit"