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I wake up in a dark room with soft music playing and when I try look around I find that I struggle to lift my head but I see dark purple bars around me, I'm in a crib? I try move my legs but I can only kick and then I feel it, I'm in a nappy! I try to say something be it only comes out as a gurgle of sounds and when I try again I feel the sting of frustrated tears in my eyes before I let out a baby like cry, why am I dressed like a damn baby! I'm a sixteen year old boy for christ sake!

I hear the sound of heavy foot falls on the ground before the door opens to reveal a very tall masculine man, "Shh baby boy, daddy is here. Do you have a dirty nappy?" the man's deep husky voice rang through my ears as he picked me up and wiggled two of his fingers into the nappy only to sigh when he felt it was dry. I continue to cry in confusion, frustration and a few more emotions, I can't lift my head, I'm being treated like a newborn and my body is reacting like one! "Are you hungry Mikey? Daddy will get you a bottle, calm down baby boy, here is your dummy darling." I puts the plastic nipple to my lips but I don't open my mouth.

I will not suckle on a dummy! I am sixteen not newborn! "Come on baby, open up it will help you calm down until I get your bottle," somehow he managed to get the nipple of the dummy into my mouth and instead to spitting it out like I wanted my body just happily suckled on it and ended my cries. "That a good boy baby! C'mere and give daddy a cuddle." the man held me higher and placed my head in the crook of his neck. He picked up a blanket before walking out of the room with me still cradled in his arms, by the time we made it to the kitchen I had to pee but I held it "do you want a bottle? Yes you do! Oh yes you do!" 'daddy' started talking in a baby voice as he fiddled with something on the behind me before going to the microwave and putting something in it.

I wiggle a bit to try get away but all that happens is that I get wrapped up tightly in the blanket that 'daddy' brought with him and cradles me in his arms like a baby. I continue to squirm but soon I here the microwave go off and we are on our way to somewhere else, I whimper in frustration but I think he takes it for something else so he sits us down in front of the tv, which is playing Home, and softly pulls the dummy out of my mouth before placing it with the nipple of a bottle "open up baby Mikey, you need to eat. Stop being so stubborn!" he brings his knees up so he can cradle me tighter and force my mouth open with a hand as his forearm keeps my head up. Once my mouth was open he shoved the bottle in my mouth and gave it a small squeeze, making the milk formular flood my mouth and forcing me to swallow; that started me to drink up the rest of the bottle.

"There we go baby, oh you're a hungry baby! Yummy formular, isn't it?" my eyes get droopy and the feeling of him softly bouncing me is so soothing that I feel myself slowly go to sleep, only to get moved go my head is on his shoulder again and he is patting my back. In my sleep addled brain I was more confused then ever, that is until a burp came out of my mouth. "Good one baby, have you gone pee pee yet?" 'Daddy' moved the blanket so my leg was exposed and pushed two fingers into my nappy again, only to huff when he felt it was still dry. "Why won't you pee baby? Maybe I should give you a bottle of water to drink." he mumbled the last bit but I still heard and knew he was serious when he bundled me back up and walked back to the kitchen.

I squirmed as hard as I could but with the mobility of a baby and being wrapped up tightly in a blanket there is only so much moving you could do so I did what I thought would distract him, I started to cry but all he does is lightly bounce me as he fills up a different bottle up with water before going back to feed me is in the living room. I refused to open my mouth, I don't want to drink the water and I don't want to pee in the nappy! I start whimpering but 'daddy' wasn't having it as he pulled my mouth open again and made me drink, effectively putting more pressure on my bladder and once the bottle was empty he knew I still hadn't wet my nappy so he slowly and softly started to massage my belly. His hand moved down my swollen belly still massaging and putting more pressure on my bladder and before I knew it I was peeing in my nappy, making most of the pressure go away, "That a boy! You're a good boy, such a good boy for daddy!" He hugs me to him while I cry in embarrassment.

Pretty soon we were in my room again but this time he layed me down on the changing table and unwrapped me from the warm blanket, he unstrapped my nappy and pulled it away from my bottom, wiping me down and putting a new one on me all the while I was crying my heart out and he was cooing at me. Daddy pulled out a dark grey onesie and a purple singlet, I was still sniffling as he dressed me in the baby clothes before he picked me back up and rocked me in his arms and humming. The rocking motion was so nice and I was so tired from all the crying that I started to doze off, "have a good nap baby boy, Daddy loves you so much." I feel him push the dummy back into my mouth and I feel myself get lowered into my crib.

Maybe this won't be so bad?

Something quick I wrote while I was bored.

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