Louise & Niall

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"Niiiiiiiine-three!" You hear the ref yell. You bend down to catch your breath, as the Pilots form a group hug. They were thrashing your team, Turtles, at the inter-school championship lacrosse. Daisy, the captain of your team, comes over to you. "Come on, Louise. It's half time." She says, handing you an orange quarter. You eat it, whilst walking towards the other team members. You see your school crush, Cole, sitting in the stands with his apparent girlfriend, Nicole, and your heart breaks.

You shake off the feeling of having someone staring at you and try to listen to the coach. But you can't shake off the feeling that someone is watching you. You cautiously look behind you, and make eye contact with the most amazing blue eyes you've ever seen. You smile slightly, and the owner of the eyes smiles back. "Louise?" you look back at your team, who are waiting for your hand in the first pump. You shake your head, and the second half starts. You keep looking at the blue eye cutie, and surprisingly, shoot all the goals and your team wins! After showering and changing, you head out to the celebration dinner, and bump into the cute guy. "Hey." he says, his voice thick with Irishness. "Hey. Are you a leprechaun?" You ask, picking up a piece of cake. The guy looks confused. "No, why?" He asks, laughing slightly. "Because since I saw you at half time, I had the luckiest game yet." You smile and wink at him. "Lucky, nah. You've got skill." He says, winking back. "I'm Louise." You say. "Niall." he says, shaking your hand.

*5 years later*

Zayn finished his solo at the end of I want, and the crowd went wild. You could see it from behind the screen, how many people there were. The tune for Little Things started, and Liam yelled out to the crowd. "I think our snowflake Niall here wants to do something." He says, as security guards pull you on stage, catching you by surprise. "Niall, what?" you say, almost deafened by the crowd. Niall comes over to you holding his guitar and starts singing to you. "You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you. And you'll never treat yourself right darling but I want you to. If I let you kno-o-ow I'm here, for you. Maybe you'll love yourself like I, love you, oh." He took his guitar off as the boys sang the final chorus, and put his arm around your shoulder. As the song finished, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam said "Do it, Niall!" I look at them confused. Niall gets the crowd to be quiet, and gets down on one knee. "Oh my gosh, Niall!" He smiles, and the crowd screams again. "Louise, I love you. I have since the day I saw you win that lacrosse tournament. And, in front of all these people, I want to know." He said into the mic, pulling out a small red box. "Will you marry me?" He asks, the boys standing behind me, chanting "Yes!" and getting the crowd to follow. You nod your head, and embrace Niall. As the boys join the group hug, you hear Niall whisper "I love you, princess." "I love you too, Nialler."


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