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-/ Komi Nakamura /-

"I'm home." I said, taking off my shoes at the door.

As I walked down the hall, I heard noises in Misaki's room.

o.o -.-  o.o

What girl does he have this time?

And when I get home?!

I put my backpack in the fridge and put myself down...Wait, what the fuck!?

I took my backpack out of the fridge and put it down and the table.

I'm going out of my mind already!

Those moaning sounds are painful to hear.

"Misaki, where you going, baby?" I heard a familiar voice in Misaki's room from the hallway.


I walked toward his room and put my ear against the door.

It was Nanami's voice alright.

She was a classmate of mine.

She usually makes a enemy out of me because I get higher scores in school than her.

She's second place!

Why is that such a big deal?

Damn it, why is this happening?

I tried to open the door but the handle wouldn't budge.

Misaki needs to stop playing around so much... And stop locking this fucking door!

What is he using all the money he gets anyway?

I have to bust it in.

I stood back and kicked the door lock.

The door lock broke.

Yeah, my dad told me how to break and enter.

I wonder why?

He never did say where he got all the candy from, and this was the really expensive kind.

He'd usually bring home a lot since we both had a sweet tooth.

I didn't hesitate to slam the door open, and damn I probably put a hole in the wall!

Nanami screamed and jumped from the bed, with the covers trailing behind her.

"Little Brother, your home early." Misaki grinned, striking a confident pose.

Thank god, he still had his boxers on!

I probably would of been scared for life!

I mean who would want to see my brother's di-- I'm going to far into detail.

"School got out a while ago." I sighed.

"S-sorry." Nanami apologized, grabbing her clothes and shoes and running past me.

Doesn't she know that she probably should get dressed before she runs out on the streets naked?

Stupid, bitch.

Wow, I've never said something so terrible before!

Misaki got up and walked toward me.

"Do you always have to get in the way of things?" Misaki chuckled, patting my shoulder.

"Onii-chan, what have you been doing with the money those girls give you?" I asked, turning to him.

"Nothing much. Do you really think 'Onii-chan' is the best way to address me?"

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