Chemistry : Preparation of Soap by Saponification

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1. A measuring cylinder was used to measure about 5 cm of palm oil. It was then poured into a beaker.

2. 50 cm of concentrated sodium hydroxide (NaOH) was added

3. The mixture was then stirred and heated. It was allowed to boil about 15 minutes.

4. About 50 cm of water and one spatula of sodium chloride (NaCl) were added . The mixture was then filtered for about 5 minutes.

5. The mixture was then left to cool to room temperature.

6. The white semi solid product that formed was then filtered and dried with piece filter paper.

7. The filter is then tested as follow by:

 i) feeling with the fingers

ii) mixing with water and stirring

8. The experiment is repeated with corn oil , soy oil and olive oil.

Caution: Please do this experiment with your guidance to avoid any shortcomings. Thank you.

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