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I stared down at the blank sheet of paper. Well, it wasn't completely blank, I'd managed to write my name. Not that that counted towards my German coursework one bit.
Our teacher had left about five minutes ago, some emergency down at lower school office. In that time we'd managed to scrawl obscenities on the whiteboard, (by we I mean the jackasses that sit at the back), moved the chairs to form little groups and written nothing towards our coursework preparation (those two had been done by all the class.)

The dumb bitch and the ginger haired bitch were sat across the room, and kept making motions in our direction to join, presumably at Lily. However, Lily had waved them away, diligently attempting to get on with her work. But she seemed to be struggling to concentrate as much as I was, her sheet covered in several crossed out sentences.
Focused on her own paper, Lily gave a sigh that made mine slide across the table. Her head was titled, hair cradled in one hand, a rather sweet pose had it not been for the look on her face.

Seeing her frown did those weird things to my chest again, the sensation that has only been worsening since that evening in Flashback.

In effort to cheer her up, I figured distracting her from the lack of German on her paper was a good start. "So, are you looking forward to Halloween?"

Evidently I couldn't have said anything worse, as her frown only deepened into the closest thing Lily could do to a scowl. Except she looked more like an irritated teddy bear.

"No, not really," She murmured, fingers curling to crinkle chunks of hair.
I didn't need to ask why; Lily knew I didn't bother with trivial questions, instead allowing her to explain.

"It's just an excuse for girls to wear clothing otherwise deemed 'slutty' by society any other night of the week and there's always people wearing culturally appropriating costumes. Plus Amy's holding this party and everyone gonna get super drunk, and watching your friends and peers get wasted isn't exactly fun."

"Fair enough. Don't go then."

"Yeah, I wish," Lily sounded more miserable by the second, "Everyone's gonna be there, it's a free for all. And Amy's hosting it so all the girls will be there and Dan will bring all his mates. You don't get it. I can't not go."

Ordinarily, I would've gotten pretty pissed at being told that I didn't understand and would've been inclined to snap a remark back. But I couldn't get mad at her.
'When did I start making so many exceptions for this girl?'

Instead, I replied calmly, "No you don't. Just because you feel pressured to go, doesn't mean you have to. If you don't want to go, then don't. Just tell 'em you're sick or something."

A ghost of laugh escaped Lily. "That's what Karen does on Mean Girls. Trust me, it'll never work."

Glancing back over my shoulder, as if what I was about to say could somehow be heard midst the noise, I saw that Amy was giggling over some paper aeroplane chucked her way. I turned back to face Lily, who still seemed fairly downcast. "Look, no offence but Amy is pretty gullible. If you tell her you're sick and add in a convincing cough or sick noise then you'll fool her."

"I suppose I could try it. Are you doing anything for Halloween?" Lily asked.

"Well I'm not partying. We don't do anything special-usually just watch Nightmare before Christmas or some other Tim Burton movie with some homemade popcorn that makes your teeth almost instantly rot. Oh, and Toby and I dress up and go out trick or treating."

"Nightmare before Christmas isn't a Halloween film!" Lily exclaimed, roused out of her melancholy state. "It's just as Christmassy as Edward Scissorhands."

I bit down on my inside cheek to try and stop myself smiling at how she'd suddenly come to life again. "But Jack is the pumpkin king, and the town is called Halloween. Wait, you've seen Edward Scissorhands?"

"Yeah, I love it!" The brightness in Lily's eyes was beginning to gleam as she looked at me searchingly."

"Same! Hey, maybe we could dress up as Edward and Kim for Halloween? That'd be pretty cool.

"Going as Edward and Kim would be so cool. We should actually do that," Her whole face was alight now. Suddenly, her hand was clutching my arm, her words slipping out at speed, "Our house cleaner, Jadwiga, she's great at sewing, I'm sure she wouldn't mind making us costumes..."

I was unable to hide my smile any longer at the thought of my offhand idea potentially becoming a reality. "Why not then? You could come over to mine for Halloween instead, go out trick or treating with Toby?"

"Sounds like a plan," Retracting her arm to reach for the unused dictionary before us, Lily began to flick through.  Hearing the faint click of heels approaching, I also ducked my head and tried to think up a decent opening.

The guys who had scrawled all over the board had overestimated our teachers absence, and I smirked to myself as she made them wipe down the board. From the fact that she then demanded that we all were silent for the remainder of the lesson, I figured only Lily and I had gone back to working.

Still, at least I could actually think in the quiet. As I finished my first paragraph, a thought struck me. Slipping out one of the many strips of paper we'd been handed out during some lesson, I searched the classroom for the teacher.

She was helping the aforementioned jackasses, allowing me chance to quickly scrawl out a note for Lily: 'Calling my home phone is fine, but may prove expensive for you. Set up an email account, now neither of us will get charged. TaylorAdams97@outlook.com'
A moment later, and another slip slid across the table with Lily's email address, followed by a tiny heart.

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