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Chapter 3

Slowly, ceremoniously, the creature started forward.

In a hot flood of adrenaline, I shot to my feet. I tore across the ground, crashing through thickets in a heated attempt to escape. Warm tears fell from my eyes as a claustrophobic fear swarmed in my chest, suffocating me like a boa constricting its prey.

The adrenaline coursing through my veins prevented exhaustion. My lungs burned, an unfamiliar sting that painfully reminded me just how out of shape I was. But I was able to keep on stumbling blindly through the darkness.

A growl tore into the night, inducing another hot flood of adrenaline to surge.

The growl ricocheted off the trees, but was still far off in the distance. I continued to scramble out of the forest, unable to pinpoint anything but bland darkness. The moon was leaking from the clouds, vibrant and full, but not so much that there was a clear path of sight.

Another roar surfaced in the sky, and I screamed in frustration at the closeness of it, my breathing ragged. Everything hurt. My legs, my chest, my lungs. Black spots danced across my vision, a vicious headache pulsing with the lack of oxygen. Adrenaline was the only thing keeping me from collapsing.

Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, long lost to the tall trees swallowing up the moonlight, I came to a staggering halt. My foot caught on something hard, sending me skyrocketing to the ground. A cry of pain escaped my lips, and then I was tumbling, crashing into the forest floor with a loud thud.

My head smacked off the earth, stars dancing behind my eyes in a blinding white, before I regained my vision. I cringed, reaching up to my forehead where a sticky wet substance dripped, fingers dipping into the blood. I couldn't see it, but I could feel it.

Panting for breath, I grunted, pushing myself onto my feet once again and prepared to take off when suddenly a branch snapped to my right.

My heartbeat escalated, and I scrambled to get the heck out of dodge when suddenly I was flying. A heavy weight slammed me hard against the ground. I screamed as the pressure caused an immense pain to shoot straight up my spine, the effect immobilizing.

Slowly I flickered my eyes up, and nearly froze as a large, black muzzle lowered itself to my face. My fingers pulled against the soil, nails embedding themselves in the moss as I prepared to flee. But then the creatures paw struck out, and I was knocked back onto my stomach, the force of the impact tossing me a couple feet to the right.

A small cry of pain escaped my lips, and I instantly began crawling across the ground, scrambling. Tired and sore arms hauled my body forward, and I became determined to get out alive. My heart was booming a hundred miles an hour, keeping me conscious.

A low growl tore through the clearing once again, and I let out a small sob, crawling faster. Dust kicked up around me, but I only made it a few feet before something rammed into my spine hard.

The wind rushed out of me like a train blowing out steam, and I crumpled to the ground. My limbs became thick with flaring pain, and it took nearly everything I had in me to peer at my perpetrator.

Two piercing icy blue orbs bore into my soul as I lifted my gaze, and suddenly I couldn't move. Fear was a fickle creature. It empowered you, it compelled you, but too much of it and it'll immobilize you, stop your heart completely. Right now my heart was lodged far in the back of my throat, suffocating. I was blatantly afraid, terrified out of my mind.

And, whatever this thing was, it could sense it.

Powerful legs sauntered forward, hackles raised as the animal bared a pair of matching canines, it's powerful presence standing tall above me. I couldn't detail its features. The darkness had swallowed up the clearing, and the moon was hidden safely behind two contending clouds.

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