Chapter 3

Slowly, ceremoniously, the creature started forward. Without hesitation, I shot to my feet and took off into the trees, crashing through thickets and trees as I went. Fear filled adrenaline boosted my steps, and I carried on running for what felt like hours, praying that the creature would lose interest. Where I was going, I didn’t know. Seeing became a big problem in the dark of the night and I stumbled everywhere I went until I ran into something and tripped over it.

With my lungs losing their capacity to work, I struggled to breath while turning to see what it was that had tripped me. My heart thundered against my ribcage when I saw those icy blue eyes watching me, almost mocking. Backing up as far as I could, I was forced to stop when the constant throbbing in my ankle became too much to bare, and I had to stop.

 Touching my hand to my side where a hot pain was sizzling, I pulled them back to see blood sticky on my fingers. Whimpering I pressed myself against the tree behind me and closed my eyes, looking away from the creature.

Where was Gunter when I needed him?

The creature began to pace around me, taking it’s time, treading leisurely through the unknown territory. It’s eyes never left me as it went, continuously moving inwards every few times as though teasing me. Taunting me.

Never in my life had I been so afraid. Fear swelled in the back of my throat. Finally, the creature stopped pacing around me and walked right up to my face.

My eyes widened in horror as it’s muzzle buried itself under my hair and into the crook of my neck where my vein was pulsing timidly. I squeaked and tried to control my breathing, but found no such luck. It was becoming increasingly difficult to breathe at all.

It’s tongue flecked out and licked my tender skin. Jerking away from the heat of its proximity, fresh tears began to splatter down my cheeks in a long stream, “Please!” I screamed at it, curling into a ball. I felt completely and utterly helpless, “Please don’t hurt me! I- I’m trying to find my father and- and my friend! Please I didn’t mean anything by coming out here! I-!” I cut myself off and hid my head under my arms.

There was a long moment of silence before the creature nipped at the sleeve of my jacket. I opened my eyes to see those icy ones. The creature growled and head butted me. I was so confused and scared that I just sat there wide eyed staring at it. Finally, after a moment of having me stare at it, the creature slammed it’s head into me again, this time knocking me on all fours.

When I didn’t move, it rubbed against my side harshly, growling and snapping it’s jaw. Catching a drift, I got to my feet and wrapped my arms around myself. The creature growled and head butted me again, growling. Walk. Walk where?! I couldn’t see a damn thing! So I proclaimed just that, “I can’t see a fricken thing!” fear of being torn to pieces hit me with a wave. I started to take off when the wolf moved quickly, blocking my path. It bared it’s teeth at me- and then the clouds over the half moon rolled away. I could see my surroundings.

The creature moved forward and grabbed the fabric of my dress, tugging me forward. I stumbled after it as it lead me through a group of trees. The walk was silent and fear filled. What was it doing?! Why had it not killed me yet!? Why wasn’t it hurting me?! And most important of all, where the heck was it taking me?

Suddenly something rustled in the bushes next to me and I yelped, shooting forward to dive beside the creature, using it as cover to shield me from whatever was in the bushes. Turning it’s head to me the creature growled before looking in the direction of the rustling. A rabbit popped out a moment later and scurried away. My breath returned to me as did the creatures eyes. Those icy orbs bore into mine a moment before it snorted and continued walking away.