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Setting: Twenty years after the events of Introductions and Thief.
Charleston, S.C.

Ghost Bird History:
By the time the boys had finished the Ashley Waters mission, Sang was in relationships with all of them. She officially joined the Academy as a member of the boys team. A couple years later, after a lot of serious discussions and a couple consults with Doctor Roberts, They decided to start their family while still young since Sang was determined to give each boy their own child. After baby 4, Sang retired from the Academy. The boys occasionally do a mission but for the most part, they pursue their own endeavors.

Scarab Beetle History:
Kevin eventually told Mindy what he could about the Academy and introduced her to his team, including Kayli who was a full academy member by then as well as being committed to her boys. Kevin and Mindy remain good friends with Kayli and the others. Kayli and the boys started a family a few years later.

Ghost Bird Children:

1. Twins, Scott/Malory, 17: Kota
2. Blaze,16: North
3. Miles, 14: Gabriel
4. Zoey, 13: Luke
5. Katy,11: Nathan
6.Avery, 9: Sean
7. Ariana, 7: Victor
8. Angelos, 6: Silas
9.Eleanor, 5: Owen

Scarab Beetle Children:
1. Twins Micah/Isaiah, 17: Brandon
2. Twins Wesley/Lacey,16: Corey
3. Katerina Dove, 15: Raven
4. Sasha, 14: Axel
5. Galen, 13: Marc


Author's Note:

I do not believe in having infallible characters. My story is set 20 years after the beginning of events in Introductions. Sang, Kayli and the boys have had a great deal happen in their lives. They have grown and matured and made mistakes. They continue to make mistakes. You may not like Sang, Kayli or the boys in this story. You may not like their actions or words or choices. That's okay and I will make no apologies for that. While I strive to maintain their essential personalities, I have chosen to have them do, say or act certain ways for the purpose of the story.  

Thank you and Enjoy!

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