The second part of the Goddess of the Elements series, Suna Witter was the first part.

Tell me what you think, if it's worth finishing the series

“Come on,” He said. “Try it.”

I was already stoned, I figured what the hell?

“Why not?” I shrugged dizzily. I was sort of the daredevil of the group, the one to try the new drugs and tell if they're worth it or not. This drug was expensive, though. It was heroin to the cops, on our part of the street we saw to it as the juice. It was supposed to be epic. Our group consisted of my boyfriend, Colton and his cousin was Rehan. There was also our friend Trevor. He was mostly quiet and stoned the whole time, though.

Rehan passed the drug over to Colton, they were both stoned, too. Colton looked especially dizzy. I lifted up the sleeve of my shirt so he could inject it in my arm.

“Dude I've heard the worst about this kind, is it okay?” Colton noticed.

“It's just a test run, try it.” Rehan rolled over, his eyes were bloodshot and hyper. Colton shrugged and injected the needle into my arm. I felt thrilled and cold all of the sudden. I jumped up and looked around, my vision blurred and my world spun. I felt suddenly strong and hyper. Oddly I felt like going swimming for some reason. The thought of water made me feel energetic.

"Hey," I pushed Colton's arm. I felt alive and great. "Hey, yeah let's go swimming." I offered and stood up dizzily. There was a river behind Colton's house, it would be perfect. And it was dark outside so no one would catch us. It was February after all, kids swimming in the river were usually up to no good.

"No, I'm tired man." Colton moaned.

"Come on, I wanna go swimming." I whined.

"It's cold outside."

"Cry me a river." I rolled my eyes and stood up dizzily. "Hey, hey anyone wanna go swimming?" I offered. Rehan rolled over lazily and Trevor just continued staring into space. "Fine, I'll go alone." I promised and jumped up, almost falling over. I headed towards Colton's backyard and looked around. No one was watching. I took my jacket and shoes off and took a deep breath of the good cold air. Nice. I felt great.

I stepped towards the rushing river and stuck my foot in it at first. It was freezing! Colder than I thought. I shivered and jumped back.

"Go on, jump in pansy." Rehan said sloppily. I looked back, he had a beer bottle in his hands.

"It's cold, dude. Let's go for burgers." I offered and lightened up. I was really happy at the moment; and awake. I wanted to do something. Have fun or relax maybe. I didn't know, I wanted a burger.

"Nah go swimming. I came out here to watch you swim, little girl!" He swished his drink at me.

"I wanna burger!" I laughed and started to walk past him. He grabbed my arm and shoved me back. I shoved him away from me. "Get off, Rehan. You suck." I hissed and tried again to pass him. He grabbed my arm and shoved me back once again, this time rather roughly. "Ouch!" I whined as I was pushed into the water. The rush of the ice and freezing cold water shivered through my bones, I was so stoned I couldn't tell which way was up and which way was down. I kicked my way towards where I thought the moonlight was coming from and got as large a breath of air I could manage. I ended up carrying half a breath of water into my lungs.