Chapter 12

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Lauren paced back and forth in front of the apartment later that night. Just thinking of things to say to her girlfriend wasn't easy, especially since she couldn't tell whether she should be pissed off, sad, or nothing at all.

"Are you coming in or what?" Camila swung the door open, revealing a puffy eyed girl. "You're thoughts are so loud I'm pretty sure everyone in the building could hear," She chuckled out while the green eyed football player followed. Lauren could tell that the smaller brunette had spent their time apart crying, just like she did.

Lauren sighed out and looked at her two kids, who both tilted their heads to the side to look back up at her. She had to do what was best for them, and what was best for her and Camila.

"Tell me," Lauren sighed out. "Tell me what happened between you and Ariana."

Camila sat on the couch and patted the spot next to her, glad that Lauren made the mature choice to actually talk to her instead of acting like the cliche high school girls that they were.

"S-She came over and we put Teag and Ty to sleep. We hung out for a while and then she talked to me about college and stuff. We were drinking but it wasn't to the point where we even felt buzzed. As soon as you walked through the door, th-that's when she kissed me." Camila said as convincing as she could.

"In California, this girl came onto me. A cheerleader, actually." Lauren now spoke up, making Camila feel sudden mixed emotions. "We went to a party because Zayn and the guys begged me, and she was drunk-"

"Stop sugar coating it and just tell me, Lauren." Camila's anger rose.

"She give me a lap dance and tried going further, but I-I promise you that I didn't let it." Lauren now held her girlfriends hands in her own. "That's why I came home a day early. I didn't want to be with anyone besides you, Camz." She looked towards her kids as well, "All I want is our family. That's all I've ever wanted and I can't see it being any other way."

Camila flung herself onto Lauren, hugging her like there was no tomorrow. They both were so in love and knew it, causing them to trust each others words about the incidents over the past 48 hours.

"I love you," Lauren kissed Camila's forehead repeatedly. "We can do this, together."

Camila looked back into her eyes, pausing.

"Marry me."

Lauren was shocked at the statement, "What?"

"I-I know that I'm in love with you." Camila sat back up, "I've known since we first got together. Now we have two beautiful kids of our own and everything is just... Perfect. You said you don't see it any other way, so why keep waiting?"

"Are you serious?"

"Of course," Camila gave her a quick peck on the lips. "Plus I want everyone to know that I am taken by the hottest football player in the world.." She teased cockily.

"Or maybe you just want the cheerleaders at USC to back the fuck off," Lauren chuckled out as she pulled her girlfriend on top of her again. They were now cuddling on the couch, watching Teagan and Tyler on the ground in front of the TV.

"That too."

"Then yes."

"Are you serious?" Camila responded, stunned.

"Yea, I mean I would've imagined me being the one to propose but you kind of already did.. So yes." The two girls smiled at each other back like they used to, proving that their love is still going head strong. They passionately kissed and eventually got a little more heated until the little giggles from their three month old babies cutely sounded through their ears.

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