Should i stay or should i go?

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|Jay's Pov|
Daniel and I woke up from our nap. So we were just sitting playing cards waiting for the others to come back.
Jay: Hey, you cheated.
Daniel: No I didn't. I put my king down so I win. And now I think you owe me something. He said puckering his lips.
Jay: Fine, whatever.
We were starting to make out when Rachel walked in. Awkward.
Jay: Hey Rach.
She didn't answer. She didn't even look at me. She just left to her room and slammed the door.
Daniel and I looked at each other with a confused/worried look on our face.
Jay: I think I should go check on her.
Daniel: Ok.
Jay: *knocking on Rachel's door*. Rachel, can I come in?
No answer. I heard soft whimpers. So I went in to find Rachel on the floor with her knees tucked in her chest. I sat on the floor next to her and pulled her into a hug. She cried there for a good 10 minutes. After that, we sat on the bed and I helped her wipe off her face.
Jay: Rachel, what's going on.
She looked down but then as she was about to speak there was a knock at the door. I asked Rachel if he could come in and she shyly nodded. He sat on her other side.
Rachel: It started a couple days ago when Daniel was sick. I noticed that Kevin and Rose started spending more time together and also talking more but I didn't say anything. And then today he spent a good hour in the pool playing around with rose but he couldn't even sit with me for a minute. And just when I actually thought he was going to come back, I saw him hanging with Devin and Rose. Like what does she have that I don't.
Jay: Come on Rach. That's your best friend.
Rachel: I know but I'm just tired of all the guys using me to get to her. I can't believe I was so stupid to think that Kevin was different. I mean he is " The Kevin Alston" for gods sake. He could have any girl he wants.
Daniel: Come on Rach. Any guy would be lucky to have you. If Kevin doesn't treat you the way you should be then someone else will.
Rachel: Thanks Daniel. That means a lot. Honesty I can't even look at him. Never mind the fact that I have to stay in the same room as him. I think I just need to get away for a little bit.
Jay: But we're leaving in 2 weeks.
Rachel: And I'll be back in 1. She said getting up and packing her stuff.
Jay: C'mon Rach.
Rachel: No Jay. He's made up his mind so I've done the same. I'm not just going to sit around waiting for him. She said closing her suitcase.
Rachel: I mean this is New York City for gods sake. I'm going to go see a Broadway show. Go to Brooklyn get some pizza. And I'll call you guys one day and we can go to see the lady of liberty.
Daniel: Its the Statue of Liberty. Daniel said chuckling a little.
Rachel: Right. She said putting her shoes on.
Jay: Wait Rach. Can you at least let me dull you up before you go?
Rachel: Why not.
Rachel: Well I'm out. And Jay, thank you, I'll miss you the most. But just know I'm only a couple blocks away. At your moms hotel.
She hugged both Daniel and I. And left.
Rachel: Adios amigos. She's said waving.
We waved back. I don't know why but I just started crying into Daniels chest. I'm just so scared for her.
Daniel: It's okay baby, she'll be back.
I nodded and went into my room with Daniel.

|Rachel's Pov|
I'm proud of myself for not letting another guy walk over me. But I don't like this feeling. I'll miss having a cuddle buddy. Oh well, the single life can't be that bad. I'm in the elevator trying to hold back my tears. Not because I'm hurt but because I'm lonely. And I will be for the next week. I get in the lobby and while I'm at the front desk calling a taxi I hear laughs behind me. I turn around to see Kevin and Rose. But where was Devin. I felt a tear running down my cheek. But quickly wiped it off. My taxi came and guess who came running out just as I was about to pull away. Kevin. He knocked at my window but I ignored him. He knocked again. Ugh. Can't he just leave me alone.
Kevin: C'mon Rachel open up. He said through the window.
I rolled my window down halfway.
Rachel: What? I said without looking at him.
Kevin: Listen Rach. You can't leave. I'm sorry if I've been spending more time with Rose. I'll make it up to you. We'll have a day just me and you. Just like old times. We'll-got cut off by Rachel.
Rachel: And then what? And then you just go and back to being close with her as if everything is fine with our relationship. Because it's not. I don't even know what we are anymore. How can you have a gf but give another girl more time of day then you do your own gf?? I said kind of shouting.
He didn't say anything and I knew he felt guilty.
Rachel: Exactly. I said now turning my attention to the taxi driver.
Rachel: Let's go. This was a waste of time. I said looking at Kevin as I was rolling up my window.
I dared not let a tear run down. I forced myself to hold them back.
At Jay's mom's hotel...
(JM=Jay's Mom)
JM: Hey sweetie. What are you doing here. She said hugging me.
Rachel: I decided to take a break from having so many people in one hotel room.
JM: Oh ok. I was just heading out. If you're hungry just get some room service or go down the street. Are you going to be alright. It's kind of lonely here.
Rachel: Yeah I'll be fine. Thank you.
|Kevin's Pov|
I didn't even know what to think. She was right. I was speechless. I couldn't say anything and I let her go. Smh. I finally got back to the hotel room. I tried to avoid everybody so I wouldn't get a confrontation. Buhhh...that backfired.
In the hotel room...
I was walking and bumped into Jay. She just rolled her eyes at me.
Kevin: What? You're mad at me too?
Jay: Hell yeah. That's my best friend. You know you've got some nerve. Hmph. You know what don't even get me started. She said pacing.
Kevin: Yo Daniel. Better get yo girl.
Daniel: At least I still have one. He mumbled loud enough for me to hear.
Kevin: Aye man. Forget you. I'm going to bed.
I layed in bed with a blank mind and eventually fell asleep.

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